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Sep 30

Jon Jones Receives Probation Instead of Jail Time on Hit-and-Run Incident

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Mixed martial arts fighter Jon Jones managed to avoid jail time when a judge gave him a conditional discharge. Jones has plead guilty to a felony charge when he left a scene of an accident which involved an injury.

Judge Charles Brown of the Second Judicial District Court has released a statement about Jones’ case. Here’s what he had to say:

“Mr. Jones, you got real lucky, and in a number of ways, I think you need to talk to young people because making one stupid decision changes your entire future.”

Jones received a supervised probation of up to one year and six months and he needs to make a total of 72 speaking appearances. The terms of Jones’ sentence states that the fighter will be able to avoid a felony conviction if he will finish the probation and will be able to complete the speaking gigs without fail. It also says that the probation can end earlier than 18 months, depending on the decision of the court.

Jones“This has been a huge wake-up call for him. Ever since he walked away from that car, he’s done everything to make amends,” Vincent Ward said. Ward is the lawyer of Jones in the ongoing case.

Jones also managed to avoid getting fines and other restrictions usually given to parolees like going out of the state and carrying a firearm.

Jones also released a statement regarding what took place. Here’s what he had to say:

“I am here to accept full responsibility for what happened, and I hope you can give me an opportunity to redeem myself.”

The MMA fighter released this statement during the hearing, where UFC President Dana White was also present.

What happened was Jones allegedly beat a red light while driving a Buick SUV. He was in a residential area in Albuquerque when he accidentally struck a car driven by a woman who was pregnant. According to those who saw what happened, Jones hurriedly left the scene and went back to his car to get a large handful of money before leaving again. A cop, who is off-duty, was the one who identified Jones when he left the scene.

When the police inspected the car, they found some MMA memorabilia and papers that are connecting Jones to the car. The police found some marijuana, marijuana paraphernalia, condoms, and food.

The police then went to look for Jones and asked him to come in for questioning. Jones was then issued a warrant when the police found out that the pregnant woman had a broken because of what happened. It didn’t take more than 24 hours before Jones surrendered himself in to the police. But he was later on released on bail worth $2500.

As for the UFC, Jones was stripped off his title belt and him suspended indefinitely. Jones has a record of 21-1 MMA, 15-1 UFC and is currently ranked No. 1 in the NOS Energy Drink MMA light-heavyweight and pound-for-pound rankings.

As of today, the Ward has confirmed that the pregnant driver had recovered well from her injuries.

Sep 28

Johny Hendricks Says It’s Partly the Fans’ Fault He Didn’t Get a Rematch for the Title

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Johny Hendricks, a former MMA welterweight champ, admitted that he’s done trying to understand what the UFC is planning because he was, once again, denied for another chance to fight Robbie Lawler for the belt.

“It is what it is. As long as my body’s healthy, I’m going to fight. It’s not even so much the UFC’s fault. It’s also the fans; whenever they do a polling of the fans, they might want something different,” Hendricks said during a recent interview with MMA junkie.

Hendricks further said that the reason that he’s not getting another chance is because of Lawler himself.

“It just sucks, because I get injured (after winning the title at UFC 171), I come back, (Lawler) fights (Jake Ellenberger and Matt Brown), and you’re the No. 1 guy – c’mon. I fight, I think I win. I lose, for some crazy reason, right? Then all of a sudden I fight somebody, he goes and fights somebody, and instead of him sitting there and saying, ‘You’re the No. 1 contender,’ the fear of losing the belt is what’s keeping him from fighting me,” he said.

hendricksWhether the reason was because of the fans, the promotion, or even Lawler, Hendricks, who is ranked 2 and has a record of 17-3 MMA and 12-3 UFC, has a scheduled fight this coming UFC 192 with Tyron Woodley. Woodley, who is ranked 4 and has a record of 15-3 MMA and 5-2 UFC, was Hendricks’ former wrestling rival. Lawler, on the other hand, is scheduled to go inside the octagon this coming UFC 195 event. He will be going up against interim title champ Carlos Condit. The decision was unanimous over Matt Brown last March that’s why the chance for a third fight did not materialize as expected.

Lawler is now moving on to the next opponent after a close decision over Hendricks was made last December and a “Fight of the Year” rematch last July. For this rematch, he went up against Rory MacDonald.

Hendricks, on the other hand, has to keep up and beat Woodley as though this contender was as valuable as any other opponent. Their fight will be shown as a main card event on the pay-per-view this coming October 3rd. The event will be held in Houston at Toyota Center.

The former mixed martial arts welterweight champ also admitted that he brushed off the idea of getting a chance on the titles and have it on paper. This happened to former bantamweight champ Miesha Tate as well. She, on the other hand, was passed over for a third chance to go against champ Ronda Rousey.

This didn’t waver Hendricks’ desire to have another shot at the belt though.

“I don’t care that I fight (Lawler) again, because realistically, how do you outstrike somebody 2-1 after the fourth round and lose the fight? It’s the same scenario as (Georges St-Pierre),” he said.

Hendricks wasn’t given the title when he went against now-former champ St-Pierre during the UFC 167 event even though the majority said that he has been shortchanged on scorecards. However, he got that chance for the title when St-Pierre vacated his title, which in turn, had set up a bout with Lawler. Hendricks won the fight, which is by far the highest point in his entire career.

Sep 25

Ronday Rousey Says She’s the Greatest Fighter in the World

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Ronda Rousey, the current women’s MMA bantamweight champ, entered mixed martial arts with a background of judo and one amazing skillset of submission. She has managed to improve her strategy by including powerful punches, strong enough to knock her opponents out. But the reigning bantamweight champion has not faced any opponent like Holly Holm. Holm has an impressive striking pedigree and witnessing two great fighters go head to head will indeed be a fight that every MMA fan cannot miss.

Like Rousey, Holly Holm has an impressive fighting background. She is a multiple-time boxing world champ with kickboxing training and managed to win over six out of nine contenders in the MMA all by knockout.

Rousey is famous for beating her opponents in seconds. Out of her 12 fights in the MMA, only two of them made it to over a minute. Liz Carmouche and Miesha Tate were the only two fighters who lasted more than a minute with the champ inside the octagon. What Rousey typically does is she charges forward and intimidates her opponents. However, this technique might just not work for Holly.

rousey“It will definitely be the biggest challenge yet. Holly’s not a person that I can really come at right away. The other girls that I’ve fought before don’t have the kind of footwork and movement that Holly has. They weren’t counter punchers, so I can’t really be aggressive right away because Holly’s a counter puncher and she has a reach advantage on me. She’s the kind of person that I have to be a lot more careful with and a lot more methodical and set things up. That being said, she’s a 19-time boxing world champion not MMA world champion, and I believe that I’m better than every other girl in every area of MMA. MMA striking is different, and I think I’m the best at it,” Rousey said during the UFC 193 conference held in Melbourne.

Rousey admitted that she has been eyeing on Holm since the boxing champ made her first appearance in MMA four years ago. The bantamweight champ knew that their paths would cross eventually, which will indeed happen this coming 15th of November in Melbourne, Australia. However, Rousey may need to mix up her techniques in order to beat Holm. But nevertheless, Rousey is confident that she’ll still be able to hold on to her title and beat Holm, making it Holm’s first mixed martial arts loss in her entire career.

“What makes me so confident that I can win is I’m the greatest fighter in the world. I truly believe it. What makes Holly such an intriguing challenger for me is – I’ve been watching her since the day she started MMA – I’ve known that our paths were going to cross at some point. I know that if there’s a 19-time boxing world champion coming into my sport, I have my eye on her. Since day one I’ve been watching her. She’s undefeated up to this point. She’s been really impressive with how she’s adapted to MMA and gone from just pure boxing to head-kick knockouts. And seeing how she’s come in the UFC, I know that she’s the type of fighter I want to test myself against. I want to show the world why I’m the best. I still have more to prove, and Holly is one more person that I’m going to prove myself against,” Rousey said.

Sep 23

Rich Chou of Bellator Says Scott Coker is What MMA Needs

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Rich Chou, the Bellator matchmaker, recently revealed that Scott Coker is the guy that MMA needs.

“I feel like the sport has stalled a little bit, and just overall, I don’t think we’re seeing the growth that we all anticipated. I feel like this sport needs something different, and that’s what Scott is,” Chou said in a recent interview with MMAjunkie.

Chou, who is with the MMA industry for a decade now, entered the sport when he worked for B.J. Penn’s Rumble on the Rock promotion. After that, he was luckily able to work for a lot of shows that showed promise, like Strikeforce and EliteXC.

After EliteXC ended, Chou opted to surf and work at an apparel company when Bellator’s president, Scott Coker, got in touch with him about Bellator.

Chou recalled what Coker said to him when they talked.

“‘Just hear me out. You’re really not going to believe this, but I’m going to take over Bellator.’”

Over a year after Scott Coker took over the Viacom-owned company, their work didn’t stop there. Just like other companies which survive as a TV product, Bellator had its ups and downs. The promotion company did rose to a new level of success only to go back down to the level where it started.

Chou believes, however, that Bellator’s brand new game plan of using big and bold events will be the key to steer the promotion company into the right direction. It is undeniable that the market today is incredibly geared toward the UFC products, but with Coker’s new strategy, Bellator may just have the chance to put their name back in the game.

“That’s what makes it exciting. (Coker is) always looking to change the game and come up with new ideas. I feel like this is a great situation where you’ve got Scott with the freedom and flexibility to come up with new ideas and Kevin Kay and the rest of the Spike people and Viacom are willing to support him,” Chou said.

Just last Saturday, Bellator hosted something that has never been seen before in the MMA industry. The “Bellator 142: Dynamite” event is a hybrid kickboxing-MMA event that had a ring next to the octagon. This event was held at SAP Center in San Jose.

This was Bellator’s first major attempt to host an event that should be successful it will turn things around for the promotion company.

The event reportedly earned average ratings, which had around 800,000 viewers, even though it had star power. Even with Tito Ortiz, a UFC Hall of Famer and light heavyweight, fighting against Liam McGeary, the event wasn’t able to push past the 1-million-viewer mark.
But for Chou, this step of mixing up in the event is just what the promotion company needed in order to keep the fans watching.

“I think some people are too tied to a system and a structure. Those don’t exist with Scott. Whatever will thrill the fans, whatever will take us to the next level, is an option, and let’s discuss,” he said.