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Jan 29

MMA Champ Conor McGregor on meeting Ronda Rousey: “Ronda is certainly an absolute animal.”

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Conor McGregor has recently detailed his encounter with MMA bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey.

Ever since Joe Rogan stated that Ronda Rousey ‘might be able to beat 50 percent’ of the mma bantamweight male fighters, the Ronda Rousey vs. Man debate has been one of the most talked about topics since. Even when Rousey’s upcoming epic battle with Correia is drawing very near already, this topic is still a hot one.

Rousey’s mere presence is enough to intimidate people. Just recently, NBA superstar LeBron James admitted that he was quite scared to introduce himself to Rousey at the ESPY awards mainly because he feared he might get his ass kicked. Conor McGregor, however, was not as fearful like LeBron was, but he admitted he was a little intimidate when they met.

MMA Conor McGregorIn a recent interview, the MMA champ admired how fit Rousey was. “I swear on my life her back muscles were the most solid back muscles I’d ever felt in my life,” he said. He further went on saying that he thinks Rousey can tackle him down easily. “I thought if this lady was to get a hold of me, she would throw me on my head in literally one second flat. So I would not like to engage in a clinch fight with Ronda,” he added.

McGregor thinks that he and Rousey are both ruling their current division and he admits that he has nothing but respect for her.

“The Notorious” also admitted that he thinks Rousey is definitely one extraordinary fighter. “Ronda is certainly an absolute animal, and she is a special individual,” he said. “Two-time ESPYS winner, undefeated champion, dominant, finishes all opponents, movie star. I mean Ronda is unbelievable. She has created the women’s game. Without her, all these women still would be going without food at night.” he further added.

With all these praises that he has for Rousey, he quickly quipped, “But make no mistake about it: On the man’s side of the game, there’s only one, and that’s me. I hold every number in the game.”.

Ronda “Rowdy” Rousey was able to successfully put herself at the top of the women’s MMA success ladder, and if that is not enough, she is starting to create waves in the Hollywood industry as well. Aside from her string of success in the women’s bantamweight division, this beautiful woman has also appeared in top-charted movies like Entourage and Furious 7. Aside from this, Rousey has been picked to work alongside Mark Wahlberg in the upcoming movie “Mile 22”.

She is set to fight Bethe Correia for the women’s bantamweight champion title this coming August 1 at the HSBC Arena in Rio de Janeiro. As for Conor McGregor, he is expected to go against Jose Aldo for the official featherweight title after finishing the latest series of The Ultimate Fighter: Team Europe vs. Team USA.

Jan 27

Holly Holm faces MMA bantamweight champ Ronda Rousey earlier than expected

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Pro boxing champion Holly Holm will be facing the UFC champion Rhonda Rousey in the battle for the bantamweight MMA title, which will happen in Las Vegas on January 2. Of course, chills were felt as this was announced by Holm’s manager.

Holm was a world boxing champion who has an undefeated record like the UFC champion Rousey, so this is going to be a good fight.

Actually, Holm was in awe to hear that she will be the person who’s going to face the MMA champion, next. She was actually set to fight Sarah Kaufman in December while Rousey was set to fight Miesha Tate next.

Holm has this to say:

“It was definitely a surprise. I had already accepted a fight. I got a call Tuesday night from my manager. He said he just got off the phone with [UFC president Dana White and CEO Lorenzo Fertitta] saying that fight was off and we were getting Ronda. So it was shocking because I was already committed to another fight. Fighting for the title was the last thing on my mind.”

MMA Ronda RouseyIn 2013, Holm retired from professional boxing and gave her full focus to mixed martial arts. Her record includes nine knockouts.

Holm discussed in detail to, the MMA championship battle that will take place:

“I’m one of those who asks the least amount of questions. When it comes to that, I don’t ever question what the UFC does. That’s why they run the promotion. They call me and I say, ‘OK, let’s do it.'”

“My initial reaction was, ‘I can do this, I can do this. I can make this happen. It’s just going to be a lot of work. I just need to focus on preparing myself.'”

“Yeah, I think that’s probably going to be the biggest thing. I don’t feel like people don’t necessarily believe in me, but they do feel it’s too soon. But that’s them and not [me]. There’s a reason I’m fighting for this title and they’re not. People are going to say what they want, and I don’t even blame them for feeling that way. I’m going up against the most dominant fighter. Why would they think I’m going to win? But like I said, that’s also why they’re not the ones doing it. I’m the one who has to go in and take this seriously and believe in myself.”

“My biggest thing is styles make a different fight, and this will be a fight that’s not going to be anything like what she has been in before. She has definitely proven herself in every way, not just with the armbar, which everybody always talks about. Ronda has been able to use her hands as much as her ground game. You can’t call her knockouts lucky. She has landed knees to the body and the overhand right to the temple of these girls. People ask me if she has gotten lucky. No. That’s called skill, determination, ambition. She gets in there and believes she can do it and she does. That’s the biggest thing I have to face. She’s definitely going to be tough but I have my skill, my drive, my belief in myself. I feel like I’ve put the time in.”

Jan 25

MMA fighter Demian Maia gets fourth spot in most submission victories in the UFC

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Demian Maia is now on the fourth spot in the UFC history’s most submission wins. Like the other MMA fighters, Maia wants to eventually be at the top and get the number one spot in this category.

Maia, who has a record of 21-6 MMA and 15-6 UFC, has been doing really good in submissions ever since he signed up in the UFC last October 2007; he was even considered one of the great submission threats in the industry. During the last few years, he has managed to snag his first five wins in the UFC using submission. Aside from this, Maia remains to be the only fighter in this generation to make five consecutive contenders tap out of the fight.

Since this tactic has been the highlight of Maia’s MMA success over the past few years, his top opponents have learned how to deal with it effectively, which in turn, slowed down Maia’s submission victories. Since 2009, Maia has only managed to win by submission only twice, with the second one from his victory with Neil Magny at UFC 190 just his month. Maia was able to pull off a rear-naked choke during the second round.

MMA Demian MaiaThis win over Magny meant that Maia has finally been able to snag the seventh overall submission win in UFC competition. Only a handful of fighters like Frank Mir, Royce Gracie, and Nate Diaz have been able to achieve more than this inside the octagon. Both Mir and Diaz were able to get eight overall submissions wins in the UFC, while Gracie was able to get eleven.

Maia admitted that he wants to do better and get ahead of those fighters who are doing better than him, especially Gracie. Royce has been able to get a hold of the top spot on the most number of victory via submissions since 1994.

“That’s a good goal to chase. Now that’s one of my goals,” Maia admitted in a recent interview with MMAjunkie.

Most fighters slow down and prepare for retirement towards the end of their 30’s, but not Maia. Demian is now 37 years old and it looks like he is not planning to stop fighting anytime soon. Even the way he fights inside the octagon is somehow still showing the same intensity as how he did when he was way younger. This former middleweight title challenger is now running on a three-fight winning streak, and out of eight bouts he had recently, he was able to win six of them.

When asked about how he was able to get victories at his age, he admitted that he actually doesn’t know how this events happened.

“I feel in my prime. It’s something that’s very strange. A lot of people this age start to slow down, but every fight I feel better. I’ve never been so ready for a fight,” Maia admitted.

During his entire career, Maia was able to fight the brightest and fiercest athletes in the industry. The records show that he was able to face the UFC’s middleweight and welterweight fighters for almost nine years. Because of this, Maia has been considered one of the best grappling fighters in the sport.
Even with his success in the industry, Maia admits that he has an ultimate goal of being a UFC champion.

“When it’s a submission in a fight or a knockout, it always puts you in a different spot. People see you from different eyes. I need to train like I did for this fight and I will submit more guys,” he said.

Jan 22

Former MMA bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey gets featured in a parody

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Ronda Rousey – the most talked about female athlete. The former MMA bantamweight champ and actress has now a porn parody based on her life story. The title is Ronda ArouseMe: Grounded and Pounded, from Burning Angels production. Kleio Valentien play’s Rhonda while Sammie Six plays the role of the MMA champ’s nemesis, “Miesha Taint”. Though Valentien may seem to be lovely and a capable performer, she doesn’t look anything like Rhonda Rousey. Valentien has no athletic background and she is heavily tattooed, so this may be an insult to the UFC champ.

However, another actress looks more like Ronda Rousey. She is Krissy Lyn. This actress enjoys enjoys hiking, exercising, and living a healthy lifestyle, according to IMDB while biography about Ms Valentien from a private website, the actress enjoys “when a man takes control and tells me what to do”. So having Krissy Lyn play the role can be more effective.

MMA Ronda Rousey ParodyAnother thing to consider is the actress who plays the role of Miesha Tate. You must first get to know the MMA fighter first. You need to get into Tate’s head first or at least the people that supports her – the fans.

Tate has one of the finest keisters in the business, or may actually be THE finest and with no fear, she uses this as a marketing tool. Having this fact, the actress that will be taking her role must showcase the same. The actress that you can consider for the role is Rachel Starr who “is known for her bubbly big butt” according to a profile from on The Richest. She is known as well for being very hard working in the industry.

When Rousey started, she used to hip-toss dude-bros inside the strip mall movie theaters, until Dana White laid eyes on the now UFC Champion. Before, White would say that “women would never fight in the UFC”. Now White is calling Rousey as “the biggest star we’ve ever had”, having seen her performance in the octagon, hearing how the fans love her and of course, the champs’ achievements.

If anyone would consider creating a film for one of the most powerful women today, the person playing the role of the UFC Champion must be close to who she really is. As well as those who will be playing the role of the characters in the film should be able to give due credit to the roles that they will play.

In your opinion, who do you think can best play the role? What characteristics does this actress has to play the role of Rhonda Rousey? Do you think that your chosen actress can give due credit when she plays the roles of the UFC champ?

Knowing how Rousey started her career, who are the other actress that can play the role of the significant people in the MMA fighter’s life?

Whether the move will be pornographic or otherwise, it will always best to choose the right actresses who will play the characters, so the due credit to the athletes, at least.

Jan 20

American MMA Jeff Monson talks about desire to be a Russian citizen

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Jeff Monson, the American MMA fighter is seeking a Russian citizenship. He talked about what he did in order to get to know the country where he is eyeing his new citizenship in.

“I arrived in Moscow Russia just a couple of hours before my fight. I was rushed directly to the events venue, not even stopping at the hotel to refresh myself after the long flight. I was able to warmup good with Ivan Laptev and Ramon, after that I fought and won by choke. I donated my fight purse to the children of Donbass who are suffering through the war. Many people have made a big deal of the gift but the truth is I was just following what my brothers at OPLOT have been doing for some time now. Helping children in need, developing social programs, humanitarian aid for the people of Donbass are just part of the story of OPLOT.

Following the MMA fight I hopped on a train for a 13-hour train to Pskov to conduct a master class for children and adults in celebration of the new club opening there. I have ridden on the train several times in Russia and although it’s not a fast journey it is a way to see Russia and meet people. I enjoy seeing the surprise on faces when they discover I’m on the train with them. The master classes went well with a big turnout so it was nice to be teaching an enthusiastic group. Later we went to meet the city mayor and participate in Armed Forces Day to pay respect to all those who have served Russia and protecting the homeland today. I returned by car to Moscow and I began preparation for my fight in Yaroslavl. Alexey Oleynik organized good training each day with OPLOT fighters including Dimitriy Sosnovskyi, Pavel Pupkov, Anatolyi Pupkov, Ivan Laptev, Alexandr Gladkov and the other heavyweights. After that I went to visit my friend, a lightweight fighter Nikolay Kaushanskyi.

MMA Jeff MonsonIt was an incredible experience because Nikolay has a wolf, boar, snakes, and 3 meter tall brown bear I was able to feed and pet. It’s been one of my dreams to wrestle a bear and next time I hope to have the time to make it happen. Feeling prepared for the fight we took the 4 hour drive to Yaroslavl. A large group from OPLOT came to coach and support me for the battle. Because MMA appears to be an individual sport people don’t realize how important having a good team is. I have been fortunate to have been with American Top Team, one of the best teams in the world from the beginning. And having the support and teamwork from OPLOT not only physically helps me prepare but gives me a great deal of confidence. The arena was full and a lot of good fights took place. I won by choke in 3rd round but not my best performance. I went against game plan in 2nd round and just stood in front of my opponent Alexander Stolyarov taking some unnecessary punches. After the fight we had dinner as a team and headed back to Moscow.

The bear was missing me!

The following day we had MMA training and then a press conference to make public aware of the truth about Ukraine and the struggle for many ordinary people to go about their daily life with the destruction that is taking place. It was not only to show the good OPLOT is doing to support the people in Donbass and Eastern Ukraine but to encourage everyone from all over to help in any way they can.

My last evening in Moscow was spent getting a tattoo. Alexander Medved (what a coincidence) offered a gift of a tattoo for me and I had to think of what I wanted. When I arrived at the studio we both agreed I was to get something meaningful and we decided on the statue of Mamyev Kurgan – the iconic symbol of the Russian motherland. I have visited this statue and war memorial in Volgograd and I remember how emotional it was to be on the sure where so many lost their lives defending their freedom. Having this tattoo is very humbling because of the great sacrifice from so many that Mamyev Kurgan represents.

During this last day I was also a guest at the outdoor market. I received many gifts–that is one of traits Americans do not realize about their counterparts– how generous and giving the Russian people are. My only regret on my trip is how quickly the time elapsed and it felt like I had so much more to do”.

Jan 18

Cyborg vs Rousey MMA fight is just a hype according to Tyron Woodley

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Tyron Woodley, a former Strikeforce fighter, had the chance to witness women’s MMA first hand and gain its popularity, particularly the one with Ronda Rousey and Cristiane “Cyborg” Justino.

Rousey and Cyborg’s popularity did not happen overnight though. Back when women mma fighters were not allowed to compete in the UFC, both Rousey and Justino were already promising fighters in their division. Today, Rousey has made her mark in the mma industry by being the first ever female fighter to sign in the UFC as well as the first mma fighter to be the female bantamweight champion. If Rousey and Justino’s fight pushes through, it might be one of the most-awaited fights in the entire UFC history.

Like the other fans, Tyron Woodley is also amazed by the success Rousey is getting and how the women’s MMA earned its way to the top.

MMA Tyron Woodley“I got a chance to watch Ronda come up; I got a chance to watch ‘Cyborg’ destroy many women. I think it’s great we’re even having this conversation right now. I’m in the airport and I see 50-year-old women looking at this Ronda Rousey clip on her phone. I hear people talking about it. I was just sitting there. People didn’t even know who I was, and I just hear them talking about Ronda Rousey’s last fight,” he revealed.

With all these great PR that Rousey is getting, Woodley thinks, however, that the hype Rousey-Justino MMA fight is getting is just a bit over the top. Of course, it will still depend on the circumstances. For now, there is no final agreement as to what division they would be fighting in; Rousey is firm on her stand that Justino should go down to 135 pounds while the latter is suggesting that they meet at 140-pound catchweight. UFC President Dana White has also backed up Rousey’s stand that there will be no fight unless Cyborg shows that she can reach the 135-pound weight.

Woodley admitted, however, that if Rousey will be able to maintain the rate that she is going today, the MMA fight wouldn’t be as exciting the people thought it would be.

“We’re not gonna see this fight happen for six months at least. And what happens is, if Cyborg makes the weight she’s gonna come down and lose the power, some of the things that make her who she is. Also, you’re gonna give Ronda Rousey six more months to get better. We haven’t even seen all of her training displayed in the Octagon because nobody can last a minute. I think the if it’s Cyborg we saw in Strikeforce [against] to the Ronda Rousey we saw [at UFC 190], it is a competitive fight. Now we’re seeing the Cyborg clear of any performance enhancing drugs, she would have to cut all the way down in weight, by the time that happens, we’re going to continue to see Rousey develop for another six to eight months, maybe a year. I don’t think it’s as competitive as people think it will be,” he further explained.

Jan 15

Demian Maia says he’ll do anything for the title

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Demian Maia is doing very well this past 2015. The former middleweight MMA fighter is having a three-fight winning streak in the welterweight division, with latest winning over grappling expert Gunnar Nelson last December. Maia dominated the entire fight which allowed him to emerge victorious.

This victory brings his welterweight MMA record to 7-2 with a four-fight winning streak to add under his name. This impressive record also landed him the 5th spot in the MMA division.

For Maia, who is now 38 years old, time is running out for him to prove that he is indeed the champion that everyone is supposed to look forward to. And even at his age, Maia is confident that he more than ready to face Robbie Lawler and fight for the welterweight title belt.

Demian Maia“That’s what I want. I know many things can happen, but I think I’m ready for the title. Anytime, I can fight for that. I’m already training, a little bit and easy, but I want this chance,” Maia said.

Maia is confident that his resumes entitles him to a shot at the title, but of course, he’s well aware of his fellow MMA contenders aiming for the same opportunity. Carlos Condit has recently took a shot at the title while Johny Hendricks has a scheduled bout on the way. Rory MacDonald just recently had his chance on the belt, which takes Maia on his possible contender at the UFC title.

“Pretty much there’s me and [Tyron] Woodley and I think I deserve to fight for the title. I’m asking for that because that’s the way you get the chance. You gotta fight, you gotta do well. When you get asked if you want the title, you really need to push for that. That’s why I want to do it my style, not do it so loud, but I want to fight for the title,” Maia said.

As would any MMA fighter with the right mind would do, Maia has to be prepared in case that title shot won’t come his way. If that does happen, Maia is firm that his goals wouldn’t change. He believes that every fight is an opportunity for a shot at the title. With his time running out in the MMA industry, Maia said that he’s very much ready and willing to do anything just to have a chance to fight for the belt before it’s time for him to hang his gloves.

“I want to fight with somebody that takes me to the title if I win. I think the fights would make more sense would be Woodley or Matt Brown, who is tied near with me in the rankings and Woodley also. That’s the fights that would make more sense, but, of course, if I can choose today, I would say I don’t want to fight with those guys. I want to fight for a title. For the title, I would do anything. For the title, if they say, ‘Ok, let’s sit and wait,’, I will sit and wait because I know it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity,” Maia added.

Jan 13

Tony Ferguson says he wouldn’t mind kicking Anthony Pettis’ ass

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Anthony Pettis is going up against Eddie Alvarez this coming month as he tries to get back the spot and MMA belt that he had before.

In a recent interview, Tony Ferguson admitted that he really doesn’t mind if Pettis wins over Alvarez. Either way, Ferguson wants to get in the cage with Pettis at some point.

“Listen to this. I’m gonna call out Anthony Pettis right now. Regardless if he wins or loses, I’d like to kick that guy’s ass. I think he deserves it and I think he needs a little butt whoopin.'” Ferguson said during an interview with Ariel Helwani on The MMA Hour.

Ferguson quickly clarified that he has nothing personal against Pettis. He just sees going against Pettis, and defeating him, would be a very exciting event. Ferguson has clearly been doing very well in his division and going up against Pettis would definitely be a great show.

“El Cucuy” was amazing when he went against Edson Barboza last Friday at The Ultimate Fighter 22 Finale, which was held in Nevada. Ferguson won over Barboza after the submitting the contender in the second round. He earned a total of $100,000 in bonuses that night, where he received Performance of the Night and Fight of the Night awards. This isn’t the first time Ferguson won the said award; in fact, it was his third straight time to win the Performance of the Night bonus.

Tony Ferguson“My fuel for my fire is to be able to provide for my family. So regardless of who they put in front of me, that’s the whole purpose of why I’m doing this. So my baby doesn’t have to fight. It doesn’t matter. As long as I have a job and I keep fighting, it doesn’t matter if it’s Conor [McGregor], Pettis, you put Alvarez, you put [Donald] Cerrone, [Rafael dos Anjos]. You put any of those dudes in front of me, I’m gonna get victorious,” Ferguson said.

Dos Anjos is set to defend his lightweight belt against Cerron this Saturday in the UFC on FOX 17 event. Ferguson admitted that whoever wins in the bout wouldn’t really matter to him.

“For me, I don’t care who wins. I don’t give a sh*t. Because honestly I’m gonna see them both. I guarantee it. … These guys are all beatable,” he said.

Just like the others, Ferguson called out McGregor since the new featherweight champion is planning to go up the weight division and fight for the lightweight title. With Ferguson’s amazing record, winning fight after fight and having five finishes recently, he definitely deserves a shot for the title. However, he’s not exactly sure how to feel if McGregor comes up the division and fights for the title he is aiming for.

“It doesn’t matter. But if he does come up to 155 pounds, then that adds to our pool. So it’s gonna make it a little bit deeper and I’m gonna be pissed if all that work I did this weekend doesn’t put me up in numbers,” Ferguson admited.

At the end of it all, Ferguson simply admitted that he’s most concerned with continuing to go up the MMA ladder and fight all the top MMA fighters in the division. That’s the main reason why he is hoping he would be able to face Pettis inside the cage and get one more shot at a bonus, nothing else.

“Nothing bad to say about him. I’m just intense, Ariel. That’s how I am. … He’s in my weight class. He’s No. 1. He’s got my number. He’s got it coming. He deserves it,” Ferguson added.

Jan 11

Conor McGregor says his next fight will be ‘just another night of easy work’

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It looks like new UFC featherweight champion, Conor McGregor, will not confirm his next opponent anytime soon. But even though there’s no final plan whether he will indeed go against Rafael dos Anjos, McGregor shared his thoughts about the possible MMA fight anyway.

McGregor posted a message on Facebook last Friday, saying that his next bout would most likely be the same as the other ones he had in the past.

Here’s what posted on his Facebook account:

1.Rolling Stone, thank you for putting me as one of your top 25 sex symbols of 2015! My Mother will be delighted and proud!

2. ESPN, FOX, BT Sports, MMA Fighting, Yahoo, MMA Junkie and Sherdog thank you all for awarding me fighter of the year 2015! I appreciate all the hardworking media and their love and commitment to the sport is truly valued.

3. Fighters Only MMA Awards, thank you for the nominations for Fighter of the Year, KO of the Year, International Fighter of the year. I will be in Las Vegas to attend the event and collect all my awards.

McGregor vs dos Anjos4. Floyd Mayweather, don’t ever bring race into my success again. I am an Irishman. My people have been oppressed our entire existence. And still very much are. I understand the feeling of prejudice. It is a feeling that is deep in my blood. In my family’s long history of warfare there was a time where just having the name ‘McGregor’ was punishable by death. Do not ever put me in a bracket like this again. If you want we can organise a fight no problem. I will give you a fair 80/20 split purse in my favour seen as your last fight bombed at every area of revenue. At 27 years of age I now hold the key to this game. The game answers to me now.

5. Media instigators/An Garda Siochana. I apologise for having the air-soft in public. I was simply rehearsing for a potential upcoming film role. I understand that the more traffic a story can get the more revenue it generates. So I understand and respect that the media must create these stories and these situations even if at times it is at other people’s expense. We’ve all got to eat. And I eat well. So I will not complain.

6. My next fight. What can I say, it’s just another night of easy work for me. I don’t just own the game. I run it too.”

Much to everyone’s surprise, McGregor will be moving up the MMA weight division and go against Rafael dos Anjos this coming March 5th at UFC 197. The fight will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada as confirmed by reliable sources last Thursday. Jeremy Botter and Lance, a Brazilian media outlet, were the first ones to announce the news.

McGregor, who has a record of 19-2, was able to win over Jose Aldo in just 13 seconds into the first round last UFC 194. During the post-fight conference, McGregor revealed what he plans to do next in his career.

The featherweight champ wanted to be a two-division champion and the first MMA fighter to have two UFC belts at the same time. And he actually got what he wanted; he’ll be fighting Rafael dos Anjos this coming March. The promotion company initially wanted their fighters to drop their current title when going for another title belt, but it looks like the promotion will allow McGregor to fight in another weight division without giving up his current belt.

Jan 08

Luke Rockhold says he’s happy to defeat Chris Weidman for good

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Luke Rockhold has recently expressed his dream of going against UFC middleweight Vitor Belfort as one of his top goals in his MMA career.

In a recent interview, however, he revealed that going against Chris Weidman first isn’t a bad idea at all.

Rockhold won over Weidman and got the title in UFC 194. Rockhold was able to knock Weidman out during the fourth round of the fight. Due to this devastating loss, the former champ has been trying to convince Dana White for a rematch since then.

Rockhold vs Weidman“100 percent, I’m fine with that. I don’t need extra motivation. Someone’s coming for me from the other side of the world, other side of the country, wherever they’re at — they’re coming to take what I’ve earned, my spot, something I’ve worked for my whole life, it’s more motivation for me. I’ve got a lot to prove and I’m out there to reach my potential and I’m far from that. I’m out there to go put on a flawless performance. I’m not happy with my performance against Chris so if we’re going to do it again, I’m going to go out there looking to execute and be perfect next time,” Rockhold said.

Weidman was able to establish his own mark in the MMA industry when he won over Anderson Silva two years ago in UFC 165. They had a rematch during UFC 168, where Weidman won by stoppage once again, but this time left Silva injured.

With these series of events, Rockhold believes that he would be able to win over Weidman once again, then the former MMA champ will be out of his way for good.

“I want to make a statement to where he never wants to come back and fight me again. That’s what I’m looking to do every time. These guys want to come fight me, I don’t want to give them hope. I don’t want to give them a chance. I don’t want to make them think for a second that they’re in this fight and the fact that Chris thinks he has that — it’s more motivation for me to go out and put a stamp on this next performance and send him back down for good,” Rockhold added.