January 22

Former MMA bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey gets featured in a parody


Ronda Rousey – the most talked about female athlete. The former MMA bantamweight champ and actress has now a porn parody based on her life story. The title is Ronda ArouseMe: Grounded and Pounded, from Burning Angels production. Kleio Valentien play’s Rhonda while Sammie Six plays the role of the MMA champ’s nemesis, “Miesha Taint”. Though Valentien may seem to be lovely and a capable performer, she doesn’t look anything like Rhonda Rousey. Valentien has no athletic background and she is heavily tattooed, so this may be an insult to the UFC champ.

However, another actress looks more like Ronda Rousey. She is Krissy Lyn. This actress enjoys enjoys hiking, exercising, and living a healthy lifestyle, according to IMDB while biography about Ms Valentien from a private website, the actress enjoys “when a man takes control and tells me what to do”. So having Krissy Lyn play the role can be more effective.

MMA Ronda Rousey ParodyAnother thing to consider is the actress who plays the role of Miesha Tate. You must first get to know the MMA fighter first. You need to get into Tate’s head first or at least the people that supports her – the fans.

Tate has one of the finest keisters in the business, or may actually be THE finest and with no fear, she uses this as a marketing tool. Having this fact, the actress that will be taking her role must showcase the same. The actress that you can consider for the role is Rachel Starr who “is known for her bubbly big butt” according to a profile from on The Richest. She is known as well for being very hard working in the industry.

When Rousey started, she used to hip-toss dude-bros inside the strip mall movie theaters, until Dana White laid eyes on the now UFC Champion. Before, White would say that “women would never fight in the UFC”. Now White is calling Rousey as “the biggest star we’ve ever had”, having seen her performance in the octagon, hearing how the fans love her and of course, the champs’ achievements.

If anyone would consider creating a film for one of the most powerful women today, the person playing the role of the UFC Champion must be close to who she really is. As well as those who will be playing the role of the characters in the film should be able to give due credit to the roles that they will play.

In your opinion, who do you think can best play the role? What characteristics does this actress has to play the role of Rhonda Rousey? Do you think that your chosen actress can give due credit when she plays the roles of the UFC champ?

Knowing how Rousey started her career, who are the other actress that can play the role of the significant people in the MMA fighter’s life?

Whether the move will be pornographic or otherwise, it will always best to choose the right actresses who will play the characters, so the due credit to the athletes, at least.


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