October 26

Pedro Munhoz Fails UFC Drug Test


Testosterone a hormone that is produced by the testes. Elevated hormone level can contribute for men, to have a healthy libido, to build muscle mass and maintain energy levels.

One of the rising mixed martial arts UFC bantamweight is not visible to his fans for a while. When this fighter wasn’t visible on the cage for the rest of the division, this is actually because of his injury. Now, it’s actually a different story.

The bantamweight division of the UFC is facing another issue involving one of their fighters. The involved fighter is amongst the promising ones, this is Pedro Munhoz. Munhoz entered the UFC, facing the 5th fighter, Raphael Assuncao. No one could blame him for what Pedro was up against is actually one of the best.

MunhozAfter losing that fight, Munhoz was successful with his succeeding battles facing Matt Hobar and Jerrod Sanders. It seems that Munhoz was on his way up after dominating his the last two fights that he had.

After dominating the MMA battles against Sanders, Munhoz was informed that he did not pass the post fight drug test. The reason for him failing the test is because his testosterone is elevated. After having been informed of the result, he filed an appeal. The documentation of the said issue. Three months after, Mumhoz was informed by Paul Scott, an anti-doping specialist, the a case was filed against him by the NSBA (Nova Scotia Boxing Authority).
This issue was not released to the public.

The measure of Munhoz’s testosterone level was more than double compared to his result during his last MMA fight at Las Vegas. Though both results are within the allowable limit, that was actually an acceptable reason for him to fail the drug test.

During an interview, Munhoz was questioning why it took so long for the results to be sent and also questioning as to why the specialist (Paul Scott) cannot explain why the result came out as such. Once he received, the documentation, a case has been filed against him, which he thinks is a joke.
According to the chairman of NSBA, Michael MacDonald has informed MMAFighting, that the cause of delay to get the results was Munhoz’s camp lack of communication. What the commission did was, to watch when UFC would collect and test the fighters. He even added that, on their end, there was no delay in sending all the responses to Munhoz’s requests.

According to UFC, they are in the process of gathering all the necessary data, including the legal representation from Munhoz. With the current issue, having to take into consideration the standard suspension in relation to these kinds of cases, usually end up being between 9-12 months.
Though this cannot make Munhoz’s case any less problematic, he is actually the fourth fighter that is affiliated with Black House, to fail the drug test, in the past year. This may actually be a troubling issue for one camp of the MMA’s elite.
All these will definitely have an impact to Pedro Munhoz’s career.


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