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Feb 19

Former MMA champ Luke Rockhold says he can finish Chris Weidman in just two rounds

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Everyone knew that Luke Rockhold was fighting a staph infection back at UFC 194, but now, former MMA middleweight champ Chris Weidman is finally revealing what bothered him that led to his loss.

Weidman faced his first unfortunate defeat earlier this month while fighting with a broken foot. Ray Longo, the former MMA champ’s coach, revealed in a recent interview with ESPN, that the foot was broken in two places and that Weidman can’t fully stand a few weeks out from the fight.

MMA Rockhold vs WeidmanRockhold isn’t going to give some sympathy though. He was able to stop the former MMA champ using punches just halfway through round four last December, and plans to shorten the fight into half this time around.

“The rematch with Weidman is set. I believe at UFC 199. It should be June 4 or so. I’m looking forward to it. I think [the broken foot] is a joke. They know my situation. I came in with an infection on antibiotics and I still whipped his ass. Like I said to his manager just now, Weidman goes down in two [rounds]. I’ll put him away in half the time. I almost feel bad about this next one. It’s going to be bad,” Rockhold said.

In his interview with Journal, a Las Vegas Review, Rockhold further explained that he wants to eliminate any doubts about his upcoming MMA rematch and how it will go down.

“People, for some reason, think it was a close fight. I don’t think so. I think I was controlling it the whole way and I really don’t see it any different the next time around. I wasn’t at my peak performance. Chris wants to say he was at 10 to 20 [percent]. When I beat him again, what’s he going to say? He’s at two percent? Three percent? I’m looking forward to getting in there and putting an ending on that one. I’m going to end it with an exclamation point,” Rockhold added.

Feb 17

MMA champ Conor McGregor on Rumored Fallout with UFC’s Upper Management: “It’s all horse sh*t.”

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Like some of the MMA fighters in the industry, it looks like featherweight champ Conor McGregor is starting to have problems with UFC as well.

There have been a lot of rumors recently that Conor McGregor and the famous MMA promotion company faced some hurdles. That rumor became even louder when a video of UFC co-owner Frank Fertita was seen slamming the belt after the current featherweight champ won over Jose Aldo last December during UFC 194.

In a recent interview with Severe MMA, McGregor, who has a record of 19-2, revealed that all the rumors are false and that he has a very good relationship with the UFC president and CEO Lorenzo Fertita.

MMA McGregor“It’s all horse sh*t, that is. I have a great relationship with Lorenzo and a great relationship with Dana. Don’t get me wrong, I’m climbing that corporate ladder every day and we will be neck and neck. Maybe somewhere along the line, I will take that lion’s share. But we will always be together. Loyalty is what I have. They gave me this. They are helping me with this and I am helping them. We are a team,” McGregor said.

This coming UFC 196, McGregor will try to make history and move up to lightweight to fight the division’s champion, Rafael dos Anjos. Now being one of the UFC’s biggest stars that could draw the biggest crowds, McGregor said that after he would further pursue the other belts and dominate the upper divisions as well.

“I am taking what I want and I am doing what I want. When you can rack up $400 million in revenue for the company, you can do whatever the f*ck you want. I’m living the whatever-the-f*ck-I-want life. That’s the life I live. Whatever I want, whenever I want. And I have earned that through hard work, through sacrifice and that’s it — through victory,” McGregor said.

McGregor quickly clarified that he wasn’t trying to be bigger than the UFC, but he did want to push his luck further and try to be on the same level as the UFC executives. The Fertitas apparently have billions under their name.

“I’m not trying to break out. I’m just trying to grow, be eye to eye and get my share of the f*ckin’ pie and that’s it. And they know that. I say that straight off the bat. But I will always be in association with Zuffa and the great team at the UFC. It’s an honor to grow along with this company,” McGregor said.

The featherweight champ even joked that the internet memes about him having a big belly could actually become real.

“I’m here to win every belt and then I’m gone. And then I’ll see the game later. I’ll set it ablaze and walk away. And that’s it,” McGregor added.

Feb 15

MMA fighter Danny Castillo will reevaluate his career after UFC 196

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In a recent interview, MMA veteran Danny Castillo shared what he felt when got the call from Joe Silva telling him that his time in the UFC is up.

Unlike most fighters, Castillo discussed his career with none other than his mom. He revealed that he initially thought that it was indeed time to move forward and call it a career. However, after talking to his mom, Castillo decided not to make any rash decisions about his career in the MMA sport for now.

“I told her that I don’t know if I’m ever going to fight again. She said, ‘Well, right now is not the right time to make the decision.'” Castillo shared.

Castillo decided that it might be time to reevaluate his choices and come up with another plan. With his home in Team Alpha Male getting a revamp of the organization itself, Castillo made a deal to be one of the head wrestling coaches of the team. Along with him are fellow UFC veterans Chris Holdsworth and Justin Buchholz who are coaching the team as well.

MMA Danny CastilloThe MMA veteran also revealed that being one of the coaches in Team Alpha Male has renewed his passion for the MMA sport. With that, Castillo is wondering if whether being a teacher is his destiny after all.

“Being an athlete has been my identity since I was 8 years old. I’ve thought of myself as an athlete, and now that’s all gone. It’s hard for me to deal with. But the coaching keeps me in the sport. I’m still going to be going on trips. I’m still training. I’m still in the game, and that’s what I really love about the sport: The team is what love about the sport. Team Alpha Male – training until I’m going to puke and then laughing about it and having a great time. Getting socked super hard but then smiling about it when the round is done,” Castillo said.

Castillo’s stint as a cornerman will start this coming March 5th, where he assist Darren Elkins in his UFC 196 MMA fight against Chas Skelly in Las Vegas. The event will be held at MGM Grand Garden Arena.

As soon as that’s done, Castillo revealed that he will give himself time to reevaluate his career and finally make the decision.

“I’m just going to coach for six months, and then if I have that fire after the end of coaching, then I’ll make a few calls and see if Bellator wants me, if WSOF wants me. Maybe I’ll make my way back. The only thing that makes me think I’ll fight again was that my last fight was the worst performance of my professional career. And that’s something that bothers me. Had I performed a little bit better, maybe I would have been OK with just saying, ‘You know what? I’m done. F-ck it.’ But because of that, it leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I’m bitter toward the sport. I’m bitter about a lot of things, and I don’t like to have any bitterness in me about anything. But it still bothers me,” Castillo admitted.

“If I never fight again, I just want people to appreciate what I did in the sport. I never pulled out of a fight. I worked my ass off. Out of those 22 fights, I think I took five of those fights on less than four weeks’ notice. And it’s not an easy feat in the lightweight division in the UFC. I’ve had three fighters come in overweight. I still took the fights anyway. I was a company man for a long time. I never disrespected anyone. I’ve always been positive in the sport. I’ve never been in trouble in or out of the cage for any reason at all. MMA changed my life and made me better person. I just want people to know I’ve worked hard. If it was just up to hard work, I’d be a world champion with 15 title defenses. But it’s not just about hard work, and it didn’t work out for me. I’m staying optimistic. If I do fight again. I’ll get back to the UFC. I have no doubt in my mind, as long as I still have that fire in me. If not, then I’m happy with my career,” he added.

Feb 12

Former MMA UFC veteran Benson Henderson on fighting in Bellator: “I like to have my actions speak for themselves.”

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Former UFC MMA fighter, Benson Henderson, has now moved to its rival promotion company, Bellator.

Last February 1st, Henderson made a bold decision of moving to Bellator but not before posting out a gratitude letter to all those who have helped in the UFC. With all those being taken care of, Henderson, who has a record of 23-5 MMA and 0-0 BMMA, revealed that he has a new set of goals to reach. But first, he has to win over Andrey Koreshkov, who is holding a record of 18-1 MMA and 9-1 BMMA. Their much awaited bout would be held as the main card this coming Bellator 153 in Uncasville, Connecticut. Just like the other Bellator fights, this bout would be aired on Spike.

Henderson also revealed that this promotional MMA debut felt very much similar to how he went about his move from WEC to the UFC five years ago.

“I think it’s very similar. Coming over from the WEC to the UFC, we definitely had some chips on our shoulders. I think UFC and Bellator, a lot of guys have a big bullseye on my back, gunning for me. But that’s been the case for a while now. It’s nothing that I’m not used to. I’m accustomed to that. If I do a local jiu-jitsu tournament here in Arizona, if I go do worlds or Pan Ams in a jiu-jitsu tournament, I’ve got a pretty big bullseye on my back. If MMA Benson Hendersonanybody can beat me at anything, they’re going to want to do that. That’s the competitive nature of us fighters, of us athletes. We want to be competitive and get our hand raised against the best. I think going over to Bellator, I’m going to have a huge bullseye. Everybody is going to want to get a chance to face off against me, to beat me, to get their hand raised against me. That only makes me drive that much more. That makes me that much more driven – that much more impassioned. I am going to lose eventually. It happens to everybody. Wer’re all going to lose. But it’s not going to happen right now. You’re not the guy. For me, it just fuels my fire. It get me more fired up. It makes me want to go beat up some more guys,” he said.

So Henderson, now a former UFC and WEC lightweight MMA champion, will aim for a Bellator welterweight belt in his promotional debut. With that, Henderson admits that he isn’t sure how his career would unfold. Now at age 32 years old, Henderson says that he sees a few possibilities.

“It’s not for sure yet, but there’s a pretty good chance I’ll be dropping back down to 155. There’s a ton of interesting matchups down there. But for right now, it’s 170, and I’m focused on getting my hand raised against that next guy. That’s where all my focus has to be at. I don’t think I’ll have a concrete home, where it’s just 155 or just 170. For a while, I’ll be going back and forth in both. Bellator is super awesome and amazing in allowing that and letting me play it like that,” Henderson admitted.

However, Henderson said that is not yet ready to get all of those situations in his head. For now, what he would like to do is to prove everyone what he can do in the MMA industry.

“I’m not too much for big talk. I never liked talking a whole lot. I like to have my actions speak for themselves. I like to talk inside of that cage. So for me right now, I’m just focused on getting my hand raised. It’s Andrey Koreshkov next. I have to get my hand raised against him. Everything else will figure itself out. Everything else will take care of itself later on. Right now, my man concentration – my only concentration – is getting my hand raised against Andrey and having as great of a performance as possible,” he added.

Feb 10

MMA Bellator fighter Emanuel Newton says pre-fight sex was partly the reason why he lost against Phil Davis

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In a recent interview, Emanuel Newton revealed that he had sex hours before the fight against Phil Davis last September probably contributed to his unfortunate loss, The former Bellator light heavyweight MMA champ, however, also said that a rib injury he suffered during the fight was also to blame.

Newton, who is holding a record of 25-9-1 MMA and 8-3 BMMA, admitted that his sexual activity might have had an effect on his tenacity and “edge” prior to stepping into the cage. Newton said that he definitely learned a lesson from this event, and he is hoping that he would be able to keep that in mind coming into the fight against Linton Vassell this coming February 19th. Vassell, on the other hand, is holding a record of 15-5 MMA and 4-2 BMMA.

MMA Emanuel Newton“I had sex like three or four hours before the fight, which was stupid. Once again, I was getting caught up in that (mentality that) certain things couldn’t touch me when I have to understand that I am human and I do have to train hard and I can’t be going out and making stupid mistakes. Then the first takedown of the fight that Phil got on me, I popped my rib. It just wasn’t meant for me to win that fight because I learned so much. (Having sex) definitely took away my hips. My trainer Antonio (McKee), even the day before when we were doing the open workouts I was kicking him off his feet with spinning back kicks. The first takedown Phil got on me was when I threw a spinning back kick and he powered through it and he got that body lock and that’s when I popped my rib. But right when we were warming up my trainer looked at me and said, ‘What happened to that power?’ Lesson learned. It happened for a bigger reason and I did learn a lesson and get a deeper understanding of myself,” Newton said during a recent interview with MMAjunkie.

Losing to Davis didn’t happen in the best timing as well. He lost the title belt to Liam McGeary during the fight before the one with Davis, and he was hoping to jump back in and get back his belt as soon as he wins over Davis. Unfortunately, none of those happened. In fact, the loss to Davis opened a series of unfortunate events for the former MMA champ.

Newton, however, was quick to clarify that he is not the type of fighter who loses his cool after a losing streak. He revealed that he actually started out with a series of losses on his back, but he was able to get back on his feet and even became an MMA champion in a huge company like Bellator. He also admitted that he takes each loss as an opportunity for learning something so he can prepare better for his next bout.

“My whole career has been like this: lose two or three, then win eight, lose two and win seven. It’s just been my whole fighting career. I’m closer to God, getting more into my scriptures and getting a deeper understanding of who we truly are and what I truly am. If I had to fight the fight again and could have had victory, I wouldn’t do it because I learnt so much more. Everything happens for a reason so I’m just going to stand with that. I’m going to go in there knowing I put the time in the gym with the strength and the conditioning and know that I’m with the Bible. I’ve given my life back to Jesus Christ in a deeper and more spiritual way,” Newton added.

Feb 08

MMA Donald Cerrone confident that Conor McGregor won’t last in the lightweight division

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Even though both MMA fighters belong to different divisions and have their respective title fights later this year, Conor McGregor and Donald Cerrone may have something interesting coming up next year.

During a recent conference held at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, McGregor and Cerrone threw some shots at each other while promoting the UFC’s upcoming fights that are scheduled before the year ends.

As expected, McGregor fashionably made his presence dominate on the microphone; he didn’t even hesitate to butt in when other fighters were asked some questions. Cerrone, on the other hand, held himself strong enough not to back down when he was suddenly in a verbal spat with McGregor.

Cerrone took notice of the “The Notorious” Irishman’s plans on moving to another division if he managed to defeat Jose Aldo in their upcoming bout this coming UFC 194. “Cowboy” had a lot of things to say about this when McGregor boastfully stated his plans during the conference.

“Conor has no right coming up to [155]. There’s no way. He’s not gonna stand a chance. We’re too big for him; we’re too strong. So you can take your little English ass and get on,” Cerrone said.

There’s no telling if Cerrone really wanted to hit on McGregor’s nationality, but “The Notorious” didn’t even think twice before answering back. McGregor had the impression that no one can touch him, whether they are at lightweight or featherweight MMA division.

“You’re too slow and too stiff. You’re as stiff as a board. I’d snap you in half. And that’s it. I see stiffness when I look in that 155-pound division. I feel like they’re stuck in the mud almost. The featherweights, they hit like flyweights, so it’s nice down there just destroying them and killing that whole division. But I have my eye on that 155 division and I see them all stuck in the mud in there. Have I been wrong yet?,” McGregor said to Cerrone.

Even though McGregor has quite an impressive record, with wins beating Dennis Siver, Dustin Poirier, Max Holloway, and recently, Chad Mendes. However, Cerrone isn’t impressed with his fighting capability and quickly reminded the Irish MMA champ that he has still yet to prove himself inside the octagon- by winning over Jose Aldo.

“You have a monster right here at 145, Aldo, about to beat your ass. You’ve beat nobody, and you think you’re going to come up to 155 and make a statement? Come on man, sit the f–k down,” Cerrone said.

Cerrone also pointed out the McGregor isn’t as feisty as what the Irish fighter is showing during the conference.

“He’s real good at talking out in front of the public, but when we all stand in the back he ain’t got nothing to say. I stood back there for 30 minutes right next to him, and [he had] nothing to say to me, but he was very cordial with my man [Mendes] next to me. Of course we get out here he wants to run his mouth, but it’s good, you know, he sells the fights. But if he comes to 155 I’m gonna bend his little ass over,” Cerrone added.

McGregor will be going up against Jose Aldo this coming December 12th. Cerrone, on the other hand, has his own game to win. He will be having a rematch against lightweight MMA champ Rafael dos Anjos this coming December 19th at the UFC on Fox 17 event. Cerrone lost to Rafael by unanimous decision when they first met last year during the UFC Fight Night card.

“First you’ve got to get through a guy that whooped your ass already. So why would I waste my time? You’re fighting a guy that whooped your ass next. You’ve got to come through that, and then I’ll consider. I’ll check the numbers and I’ll discuss it with Frank [Fertitta], and I’ll decide whether I’ll change your bum life as well,” McGregor said to Cerrone.

If both of the fighters will win their respective bouts, McGregor and Cerrone coming face to face might actually become a reality.

Feb 05

MMA fighter Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira retires

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Legendary heavyweight fighter Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira has officially announced that he’s leaving the MMA industry for good. At a recent press conference held in Rio de Janeiro last Tuesday, Nogueira admitted that he is finally retiring at the age of 39.

Nogueira, who has a record of 34-10-1 and 1 NC, has been one of the greatest heavyweight fighters in the entire mixed martial arts history. He has been in the industry for 17 years, with having done numerous fights in different eras in the mma history. Indeed, Nogueira was in all the milestones that the industry had to go through before it became a global mainstream.

Aside from continuing to spearhead the Team Nogueira fight team, which became rather successful over the years, “Big Nog” will now be moving on to another chapter in his life and join the UFC in Brazil on an administrative level. He will be helping on social projects and finding new talented athletes that can be a good addition to the promotion company.

“‘Big Nog’ is a legend in the sport of MMA. He is respected by fighters and fans worldwide. It has been an honor to watch him compete and I’m happy to see him retire. He will be a huge asset to the UFC, the athletes and the sport as an ambassador. I look forward to working with him in this new chapter of his life,” UFC President Dana White said in a recent interview.

When Nogueira was asked about what he felt about the situation, he admitted that he had mixed emotions about the situation.

MMA Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira“I have mixed feelings. I’m sad for leaving but happy with this new job in the UFC. I remember when I met [Junior dos Santos], he was brave in training, and before his UFC debut against the current champion Fabricio Werdum, I told Dana White to watch for his uppercut. And that’s how he beat him. I have good eyes for new talent, and I will look for new talents in this new generation,” Nogueira said.

Nogueira started in career in DeLand, Florida when he was just 23 years old. His first big break was when he defeated David Dodd with a kimura in the first round back at WEF 6. He fought once again for WEF but after that, Nogueira went to Japan where he eventually he was recognized for his great talent and eventually received international stardom in the following years.

As successful as how Nogueira’s MMA career went over the last few years, his time with the mma unfortunately ended with a three-fight losing streak. His loss to Stefan Struve in UFC 190 has prompted Dana White to step in and ask for him to retire.

“I started fighting in 1999, and was at the top 3 of the division until 2008. It’s an entire life. I have constant pain, fought guys heavier than this 265 pounds limit today. I love the training routine but I have to be 100 percent to fight. In my last training camp, I felt I was lacking something, the physical part, and it as a good time to stop. I wish I had come out with a win, but that’s not the most important. I’ve always had a passion to follow the development of new athletes and that’s what I intend to continue doing. I want to help further the spread of MMA around the world and give my contribution to the emergence and development of young talent. I appreciate all the confidence that Dana White, Lorenzo Fertitta and Frank Fertitta have in me, and I believe we will reach big results together. I know that I can, and will, contribute much to the growth of our sport outside of the Octagon,” Nogueira said as he officially announced his retirement.

Feb 03

MMA fighter Paige Van Zant reveals use of banned substances in the women division

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MMA fighter Paige Van Zant reveals that use of banned substances are not limited to just men fighters; some women in the MMA sport also use it as well.

The popular strawweight fighter says that it looks like some women in her division are using performance-enhancing drugs because of how their body physique looks like. Good thing the UFC has now implemented a stricter, more efficient drug testing procedures to make sure all of the athletes are playing in a fair ground.

“I will say some of the girls in my weight class have very masculine physiques, and I don’t know if you can get those naturally. I’m not a nutritionist, though, so I don’t really know. But I am happy that USADA is here and implementing the drug-testing policy,” Van Zant said in a recent interview in Downtown Los Angeles.

Van Zant says, however, that she wouldn’t bother dropping names on this issue even though she believes they are out there. “12 Gauge” also revealed that she isn’t letting the activities of other people compromise her preparations for her MMA fights and her strategies inside the octagon.

“I think about those things, but also the whole thing doesn’t affect me, so I just look at whoever my opponent is. If the strawweight division changes, it doesn’t matter as long as I keep continuing to win fights. Whatever my other opponents do, it has no affect on me,” she said.

MMA Paige Van ZantVan Zant is scheduled to go up against Alex Chambers this Saturday in Las Vegas at the UFC 191 event and she is hoping for a three-win streak in the promotion company. The 21-year old is reportedly one of the much-awaited and biggest up-and-coming stars in the women’s MMA division today. Van Zant, who has a record of 5-1, is a CrossFit athlete at present and admittedly a former dancer. She is also proud to say that she doesn’t use any performance-enhancing drugs. She doesn’t even use IV rehydration. This is actually a good practice for her because USADA will not be allowing this technique anymore come October.

“If you’re relying on IVs, that’s obviously going to be a problem. Some changes are gonna have to be made. I think that’s really going to be hard, because for the strawweights you can’t go up since there’s no 125-pound division in the UFC,” Van Zant said.

Van Zant is taking some criticisms because of the extra incentives she is receiving from the UFC. As of the moment, Van Zant is currently sponsored by Reebok even though she has only managed to get six pro MMA fights, unlike other fighters who did not get any individual deals with the sponsor even though they are already veterans; take Demetrious Johnson for instance. Johnson is one of the top pound-for-pound mma athletes in the entire industry and yet he doesn’t have any individual deals with Reebok. Van Zant admitted that dealing with these kinds of issues can sometimes be tough, but she doesn’t let the issues get to her.

“I think people only hate what they love, what they can’t be and what they don’t understand,” she said. So it’s one of the three. For me, I have too many positive things, too many amazing things in my life to care about how my opponents feel about me. Of course they’re not gonna like me. We’re gonna fight each other,” she said.

Feb 01

MMA fighter Daniel Cormier stays out of other fighters’ issues in the UFC

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“It’s about making money, and I think these MMA guys were getting more money there.”

This is what UFC light heavyweight champ Daniel Cormier said about the issue regarding the two MMA veteran fighters moving to Bellator MMA during a recent interview with MMAjunkie. Cormier, who has a record of 16-1 MMA and 5-1 UFC, is set to face Alexander Gustafsson (16-3 MMA, 8-3 UFC) this coming UFC 192.

Just recently, two other multi-time title contenders Josh Koscheck (17-10 MMA, 0-0 BMMA) and Josh Thomson (20-8 MMA, 0-0 BMMA) also went to the other side, which they did rather publicly, and joined Bellator MMA. The two fighters will soon make their promotional debuts later this year.

MMA Daniel CormierKoscheck created a lot of buzz when he left the UFC. He had tons of interviews about what took place and he had a lot to say about the UFC; he said that being in the UFC felt like being in handcuffs. Koscheck, who is now training in his own gym in Fresno, California, even called the President of the UFC, Dana White, a “little errand b-tch.”

On the other hand, Thomson admitted that he is hoping for a “fighter-friendly contract.” He backed up Cormier’s statement that the reason he left was because of the compensation.

Cormier emphasized that as incendiary as some of Koscheck’s statements have been since he left the promotion and joined Bellator, the statements haven’t been showing the real score of the issue.

“If you look at Koscheck’s statements, and he’ll say, ‘I have no beef with the UFC. “So it’s kind of weird. It’s almost like he says things and he almost takes them back. I don’t think there’s any issues. I don’t really speak to those guys on their business issues like that. I think the majority of it comes down to money and opportunity. But if you think about our gym, a lot of us have a great relationship with the UFC – Cain Velasquez, Luke Rockhold, Khabib Numagomedov – and we’re all at different points of our career,” Cormier said.

Today, it looks like both Koscheck and Thomson’s career are taking different paths. Koscheck spent majority of his career participating in several fights in the UFC and thought about retiring before going on board with Bellator. Thomson, on the other hand, ultimately decided to join Bellator after losing against Benson Henderson this past year. Both of them, however, admitted that they are both excited by the move that they made.

Cormier also mentioned that he is fully supporting the decision of Koscheck and Thomson with their decision regarding their MMA career.

“For Thomson, I think it’s very easy for him because (Bellator President) Scott Coker is a longtime friend of his and a guy that he’s worked for for a long time and developed a very good relationship, so it fits,” he said. “Koscheck, I think it was time for a change. He had lost a bunch of fights in a row and he needed to refresh, so I think it’s good for those guys. For Josh, it’s a good fit. For Koscheck, I just think he needed a change and it gives him a fresh start – kinda.”

Jan 29

MMA Champ Conor McGregor on meeting Ronda Rousey: “Ronda is certainly an absolute animal.”

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Conor McGregor has recently detailed his encounter with MMA bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey.

Ever since Joe Rogan stated that Ronda Rousey ‘might be able to beat 50 percent’ of the mma bantamweight male fighters, the Ronda Rousey vs. Man debate has been one of the most talked about topics since. Even when Rousey’s upcoming epic battle with Correia is drawing very near already, this topic is still a hot one.

Rousey’s mere presence is enough to intimidate people. Just recently, NBA superstar LeBron James admitted that he was quite scared to introduce himself to Rousey at the ESPY awards mainly because he feared he might get his ass kicked. Conor McGregor, however, was not as fearful like LeBron was, but he admitted he was a little intimidate when they met.

MMA Conor McGregorIn a recent interview, the MMA champ admired how fit Rousey was. “I swear on my life her back muscles were the most solid back muscles I’d ever felt in my life,” he said. He further went on saying that he thinks Rousey can tackle him down easily. “I thought if this lady was to get a hold of me, she would throw me on my head in literally one second flat. So I would not like to engage in a clinch fight with Ronda,” he added.

McGregor thinks that he and Rousey are both ruling their current division and he admits that he has nothing but respect for her.

“The Notorious” also admitted that he thinks Rousey is definitely one extraordinary fighter. “Ronda is certainly an absolute animal, and she is a special individual,” he said. “Two-time ESPYS winner, undefeated champion, dominant, finishes all opponents, movie star. I mean Ronda is unbelievable. She has created the women’s game. Without her, all these women still would be going without food at night.” he further added.

With all these praises that he has for Rousey, he quickly quipped, “But make no mistake about it: On the man’s side of the game, there’s only one, and that’s me. I hold every number in the game.”.

Ronda “Rowdy” Rousey was able to successfully put herself at the top of the women’s MMA success ladder, and if that is not enough, she is starting to create waves in the Hollywood industry as well. Aside from her string of success in the women’s bantamweight division, this beautiful woman has also appeared in top-charted movies like Entourage and Furious 7. Aside from this, Rousey has been picked to work alongside Mark Wahlberg in the upcoming movie “Mile 22”.

She is set to fight Bethe Correia for the women’s bantamweight champion title this coming August 1 at the HSBC Arena in Rio de Janeiro. As for Conor McGregor, he is expected to go against Jose Aldo for the official featherweight title after finishing the latest series of The Ultimate Fighter: Team Europe vs. Team USA.