February 19

Former MMA champ Luke Rockhold says he can finish Chris Weidman in just two rounds


Everyone knew that Luke Rockhold was fighting a staph infection back at UFC 194, but now, former MMA middleweight champ Chris Weidman is finally revealing what bothered him that led to his loss.

Weidman faced his first unfortunate defeat earlier this month while fighting with a broken foot. Ray Longo, the former MMA champ’s coach, revealed in a recent interview with ESPN, that the foot was broken in two places and that Weidman can’t fully stand a few weeks out from the fight.

MMA Rockhold vs WeidmanRockhold isn’t going to give some sympathy though. He was able to stop the former MMA champ using punches just halfway through round four last December, and plans to shorten the fight into half this time around.

“The rematch with Weidman is set. I believe at UFC 199. It should be June 4 or so. I’m looking forward to it. I think [the broken foot] is a joke. They know my situation. I came in with an infection on antibiotics and I still whipped his ass. Like I said to his manager just now, Weidman goes down in two [rounds]. I’ll put him away in half the time. I almost feel bad about this next one. It’s going to be bad,” Rockhold said.

In his interview with Journal, a Las Vegas Review, Rockhold further explained that he wants to eliminate any doubts about his upcoming MMA rematch and how it will go down.

“People, for some reason, think it was a close fight. I don’t think so. I think I was controlling it the whole way and I really don’t see it any different the next time around. I wasn’t at my peak performance. Chris wants to say he was at 10 to 20 [percent]. When I beat him again, what’s he going to say? He’s at two percent? Three percent? I’m looking forward to getting in there and putting an ending on that one. I’m going to end it with an exclamation point,” Rockhold added.


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