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Benson Henderson on post-fight cryptic message: “It was for Georges St-Pierre.”


“Was it impressive enough to warrant facing off with you?” This was what Benson Henderson said during the post-fight interview when he won over Jorge Masvidal. However, he didn’t exactly say to whom the message was for.

During a recent interview with Ariel Helwani in The MMA Hour, however, the former UFC lightweight MMA champ clarified the issue. Henderson had no idea that it became a big issue. The MMA fighter he was referring to was none other than Georges St-Pierre.

“I heard there were rumors about Georges St-Pierre coming back and how the guy he faces off against, how they have to have impressive performances. I was trying to have an impressive enough performance to warrant facing off against Georges St-Pierre,” Henderson said.

HendersonThere were some speculations that St-Pierre would be coming back to fight in the MMA. The former UFC welterweight champ, who is also considered one of the most renowned pound-for-pound best fighter in the MMA, revealed that he is indeed considering to come back to fighting, however, he would need to enter training camp for six weeks just to make sure that he really wants to fight in the promotion.

Henderson, who is now at 32 years old, has always aspired to be in a bout with St-Pierre. The two MMA fighters even held the belts in the same division one time. “Smooth” is even aware that when you talk St-Pierre, you mean to say one of the greatest fighters in MMA history. That is the type of challenge he is after.

“I have always wanted to prove myself as the best fighter on the planet. No ifs, ands or buts about it. I know I have a long ways to go. I know I have to work my butt off. I know I have a ways to go. But I want to prove, to back that up so to speak, [it] by squaring up with perhaps the greatest welterweight in UFC history, Georges St-Pierre,” Henderson said.

Henderson has to deal with certain situations one at time though. First off, he has to know the ropes of being an MMA free agent. Apparently, his exclusive contract with the UFC expired after winning over Masvidal last November 28th. Now free to explore other options, Henderson admitted that he is planning to consider other offers from other promotion organizations. However, the UFC currently has an exclusive negotiating window period, so they have a chance to match offers given to him for a certain period of time.

In a perfect world, Henderson admitted that he would really like to go back to the UFC. However, for the sake of his children and his grandchildren, Henderson would need to make sure that their future is secure.

As for his own future, Henderson would like to be at the welterweight division, where he was able to win his last two fights. However, if another good offer comes up the table, he’ll definitely go where the greener pasture is.

“I’d go 155, no problem. I can go 170 short notice. I can make 170 tomorrow if you needed me to. I would beat the heck out of whoever it is you want me to beat up,” Henderson said.


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