March 2

Donald Cerrone gives credit to Alex Oliveira for accepting the MMA fight on a short notice


Just like what he did before, MMA veteran Donald Cerrone would like to deal with things as they come.

Going up against Alex Oliveira this coming Sunday at UFC Fight Night 83, which will be held in Pittsburgh, meant that Cerrone would be stepping inside the cage 15 pounds heavier that his usual weight in the lightweight division. Although this bout is his debut in the welterweight division, the Cowboy says he’s not against the plan of staying in the MMA welterweight nor going back to the lightweight division. He simply wants to face the situation when it happens.

MMA Cerrone vs Oliveira“I’m going to sit on the fence, just go back and forth [between 170 and 155] wherever they need me. It’s going to be a good time. These fights, to me, are awesome. I’m not on an eight-fight winning streak. I’m not worried about a title. I just go have fun. This fight is tailor-made for me, another stand-up guy who wants to go throw down. I have nothing to worry about, go make some money. Hell yeah,” Cerrone said during a recent interview last Friday at the open workouts.

And while he is used to fighting at the lightweight MMA division, the cowboy revealed some advantages of fighting in the heavier division.

“I’m [1]75 right now, and I had baby back ribs at TGI Fridays last night with mashed potatoes. It’s [the weight is] easy. It’s no problem. I don’t get much over [1]80 ever. I love it. I can eat, drink, whatever I want. You can see that I’m sweating. Normally I’m sucked up, looking like a concentration [camp] kid. It’s good,” Cerrone said.

Cerrone was actually supposed to go against Tim Means during the said event. Unfortunately, Means was pulled out of the fight because of a failed drug test. Oliveira went in and replaced Means so the main MMA event of the night could be saved.

For Cerrone, Oliveira’s willingness to accept the short notice invitation is really something. As one of the most active fighters on the UFC line up, Cerrone respects Oliveira’s gesture and he said that he is the type of person who gives credit to where it’s due.

“It was very noble of him to step up and take this fight on short notice, you know, not too many other dudes do that. So my hat’s off to the son of a b—h for sure. I think this fight’s going to be a stand-up fight. I heard that maybe he wants to take me down [but] that’s a bad idea on his part. I’m hoping to knock his ass out. That’s what I want. That’s what everyone wants to see,” Cerrone said.


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