November 27

Kimbo Slice determined to make Harris pay for stealing his image


Kevin Ferguson, better known as “Kimbo Slice”, is well aware that he cannot bring his rage when he steps inside the octagon this coming February 19th. He is going up against opponent Dhafir “DaDa 5000” Harris this coming Bellator 149 as the main card event of the night. The event will be held at Toyota Center in Houston.

It is definitely proven that the worst mistake an MMA fighter can do when he steps inside the cage is bring excess emotion while fighting. Although some fighters have made this anger work for them, but most of the time, this excess emotion just results into carelessness and unexpected defeats. Slice admitted that he wants to stay away from this trap as much as possible, especially when going up against Harris. He said that he cannot forgive himself if he loses to Harris because of this.

“I have to come back to my senses and realize, ‘Kimbo, you’re a professional now, so save it for the cage,’. Every fighter is a punch away from victory. You have to take every fight in a respectful manner. I don’t want to be so anxious that I make mistakes and I go in there and I get knocked the f-ck out. I have to be smart and make sure all my t’s are crossed and all my i’s are dotted. You’ve got to have a game plan. There’s a game plan to have sex. You have to have a game plan before you take your girl out,” Slice said.

Slice has fought more experienced MMA fighters in the past, but this time around, Harris is simply the opposite; “DaDa 5000” has way less pro experience than Slice.

Kimbo said that his former MMA experiences won’t have any bearing during the event. He said that he is going to make sure that Harris will regret copying his image and make him pay for those decisions he made in the most violent fashion imaginable.

“For this piece of sh-t, I’ve got a level of respect that I’m going to knock his ass out; I’m coming in with the intentions that I’m going to make this motherf-cker respect me. He’s going to respect who I am. He’s going to respect the nature of who I am and the work that I’ve put in. For you to make a mockery and try to copy and steal my image and run with it then you talk sh-t about me and try to be like me? That in itself is something I’m fighting for. I’m fighting for my f-cking respect right now. This isn’t a title fight. This is for my f-cking respect,” Slice said.


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