Kimura Revenge

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May 09
I have posted this videoon youtube and the forums,
so if you’ve seen it already, my

apologies… but I could NOT take any chances… I had to make sure
that EVERYONE is familiar with this counter and TKO
finish… the Kimura Revenge!

Here is the video:

I taught the move for fighting – but if you are a grappling
competitor, you can use this move to counter and pass to side
control. Furthermore, if you keep the wrist as you pass, there are
a few nice submission setups you can get into. However, as I
mention in the video, don’t pass the guard if you are going to use
this for MMA or street fighting.

Ok Marcos, post a comment on the bottom of the page and
let me know what you think of the technique. Thank you and enjoy!

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