December 9

Ronda Rousey on rematch against Holly Holm: “It’s what I want.”


Ronda Rousey, the former MMA bantamweight champion, is starting to slowly come out and face the public again after weeks of silence since the biggest upset in the UFC history.

In a recent interview, Rousey revealed her plans following the epic loss last UFC 193.

Rousey, who has now a record of 12-1 MMA and 6-1 UFC, has been mum about her thoughts and feelings about her unexpected loss against pro-boxing champion, Holly Holm, during the second round of UFC 193 last November. Holm, who has a perfect record of 10-0 MMA and 3-0 UFC, gave Rousey a powerful head kick during the second round of the bout, which ultimately ended the fight.

The former champion, who hid after the loss, just recently gave a very detailed interview with “ESPN The Magazine” where she shared all of her thoughts about the very first loss since she joined the MMA industry.

RouseyRousey is obviously still shocked and full of grief because of the defeat, but she it looks like she’s doing her very best to get back on her feet and go back to her normal life. Just recently, TMZ caught up with Rousey while she was on her way to the Marine Corps Birthday Ball, which she has promised to attend even before UFC 193. When asked about her thoughts on a possible rematch, Rousey didn’t hesitate for a moment to say that she also wants a rematch to get her belt back.

“It’s what I want. It’s up to the UFC, and it’s up to her camp. So, we’ll see what happens,” Rousey said.

Even prior to losing to the new women’s MMA bantamweight champion, Rousey was already scheduled to fight for UFC 200, which will take place in July next year. Although she admitted that it may take a while for her to recover from the injuries she acquired during the fight, it looks like UFC 200 would still include Rousey in the roster.

After the loss, there were some speculations that Rousey would probably need to fight another MMA opponent before she faces Holly Holm so she can regain her confidence back. Holm, on the other hand, revealed that she is very much willing to face Miesha Tate in the interim. Miesha Tate lost to Rousey twice and was supposed to go against the former champ for the third time, but her title shot was given to Holm instead. As for giving Rousey an immediate shot at redemption, Dana White simply said that it would be unwise to do anything else aside from this.

As the only woman MMA fighter responsible for bringing women’s fighting in the promotion, Rousey definitely has earned the privilege of deciding if she wants a rematch or not. The former women’s MMA bantamweight champ made it clear that she does want a rematch, but it still depends on the promotion as to when they would set the fight. Just like any bout the Rousey was able to participate in, this rematch with Holm is expected to be one of the most awaited fights in MMA history.
“I need to come back. I need to beat this chick. Who knows if I’m going to pop my teeth out or break my jaw or rip my lip open again? I have to (expletive) do it. It doesn’t matter. I have to do it,” Rousey added.


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