July 25

Serious High School KO


A couple of days ago I sent a pretty disgusting video of a gang of
hooded teens beating on one defenseless teen. It was disgusting
and revolting.

I received a lot of feedback from concerned people wondering if the
kids were caught. To ease your minds, yes, the police caught ALL
the kids.

I got some feedback from people noticing how all the kids, despite
all their sucker punches and kicks, were not able to knock out the
boy. A few people made the correct observation, which is if that
boy knew martial arts, he probably could have fought off those
attackers, although they outnumbered, because despite their
numbers, none of those kids were able to generate enough power to
knock him out.

However, one person replied, “Well, that didn’t seem so bad, all he
got was a bloody nose…”

Not everyone in high school throws pitty pat punches… here is a
more disgusting and SERIOUS video… I have to warn you, I’m not
sure this boy survived this beating, whenever someone gets stomped
on their head while unconscious over concrete, I imagine death is
a serious possibility – and YES, this happened IN SCHOOL, in front
of everyone.


How would you feel if you saw this video and it was YOUR child
getting their head caved in, along with their teeth swallowed?
THIS is real life. Even worse, God forbid… imagine if your child
was murdered in school by another kid… and imagine if all of this
could have been avoided with martial arts training… notice the
position the kids were in is the “guard” position – a normal
position of mixed martial arts. We use train in this position
all the time in my MMA gym in Miami, FL.

I cannot emphasize the importance of teaching your kids and teens
martial arts so that they can first avoid conflict all together by
having the right mental skills and confidence to do so – and then
not getting into a position to potentially be killed. As a parent,
if you don’t watch this video, you might as well stick your head in
the sand and pretend nothing like this could happen to your child.

Don’t just get angry about the video… create action with the
emotion and get your children enrolled into a martial arts school


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