October 30

Speculators Wonder if Jose Aldo’s Ribs are Indeed Fractured


Is Jose Aldo’s rib fractured or not?

This has been a huge question that everyone wants to know that answer to since last June. As the reports claimed that the mixed martial arts Featherweight Champion of the UFC suffered, having injured ribs when he was in Rio de Janeiro. This injury has cost him the shot for the same UFC title. He was supposed to go up against Conor McGregor for this match which would take place at UFC 189.

When the UFC released a statement about the issue, the questions even grew more. As per the MMA organization, they have received the medical confirmation provided by several doctors saying that Aldo did not have a broken rib. This statement was released last June 24. This statement invalidates the reports that the fighter’s injury was a severe condition. This was also released after Aldo had withdrawn from the said fight and was replaced by Chad Mendes.

NSAC’s (Nevada State Athletic Commission) consulting MMA physician, together with orthopedic surgeon that is based in Las Vegas (Dr Timothy Trainor) investigated Aldo’s medical exam. As per Trainor, the results did not manifest any signs of a fractured rib.

AldoThis was Trainor’s statement which was released by ESPN.com:
“My interpretation [of Aldo’s exams] is that, yes, I think it probably is a fracture, But I could see how another reading radiologist would argue it’s closer to where the cartilage coalesces with the bone and that it’s a cartilage lesion rather than a bone fracture”.

“It’s not uncommon that two radiologists will have different opinions. So, take that for what it’s worth. I’m not saying Brazilian physicians were wrong or Americans were wrong. I’m just saying there were two interpretations by doctors and that happens, which is why this kind of injury needs to be examined from a physical standpoint”.

“From a medical standpoint, do I think the UFC was being negligent and putting this fighter into harm’s way? No, because this was nearly three weeks out from the fight. It wasn’t a fight night, and they were trying to throw him in the ring while he’s saying he doesn’t want to”.

Trainor interpreted the results differently. His interpretation is, it’s actually a cartilage reason and not a bone fracture.

Trainor also sent an email to the Executive Director (Bob Bennett), saying that it is “highly unlikely” that the fighter would have issues competing. Before having the email sent, Trainor has been in contact with David Jefferson (UFC Medical Consultant). According to Jefferson. Aldo was feeling better.

Trainor has more to say: “As an orthopedic surgeon, I don’t treat MRI scans, I treat people. If Aldo had said, ‘I’ve gone back to sparring, I’ve gotten hit in that area and I’m fine,’ I probably would have cleared him to fight. Ultimately, that’s how the decision would have been made. He comes in and a ringside physician would have specifically tried to palpate his ribs and see what he does. If he yelps in pain, then hey, he shouldn’t fight. And of course, we don’t want to cancel fights, but if it has to be done, it has to be done.”


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