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Oct 30

Speculators Wonder if Jose Aldo’s Ribs are Indeed Fractured

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Is Jose Aldo’s rib fractured or not?

This has been a huge question that everyone wants to know that answer to since last June. As the reports claimed that the mixed martial arts Featherweight Champion of the UFC suffered, having injured ribs when he was in Rio de Janeiro. This injury has cost him the shot for the same UFC title. He was supposed to go up against Conor McGregor for this match which would take place at UFC 189.

When the UFC released a statement about the issue, the questions even grew more. As per the MMA organization, they have received the medical confirmation provided by several doctors saying that Aldo did not have a broken rib. This statement was released last June 24. This statement invalidates the reports that the fighter’s injury was a severe condition. This was also released after Aldo had withdrawn from the said fight and was replaced by Chad Mendes.

NSAC’s (Nevada State Athletic Commission) consulting MMA physician, together with orthopedic surgeon that is based in Las Vegas (Dr Timothy Trainor) investigated Aldo’s medical exam. As per Trainor, the results did not manifest any signs of a fractured rib.

AldoThis was Trainor’s statement which was released by
“My interpretation [of Aldo’s exams] is that, yes, I think it probably is a fracture, But I could see how another reading radiologist would argue it’s closer to where the cartilage coalesces with the bone and that it’s a cartilage lesion rather than a bone fracture”.

“It’s not uncommon that two radiologists will have different opinions. So, take that for what it’s worth. I’m not saying Brazilian physicians were wrong or Americans were wrong. I’m just saying there were two interpretations by doctors and that happens, which is why this kind of injury needs to be examined from a physical standpoint”.

“From a medical standpoint, do I think the UFC was being negligent and putting this fighter into harm’s way? No, because this was nearly three weeks out from the fight. It wasn’t a fight night, and they were trying to throw him in the ring while he’s saying he doesn’t want to”.

Trainor interpreted the results differently. His interpretation is, it’s actually a cartilage reason and not a bone fracture.

Trainor also sent an email to the Executive Director (Bob Bennett), saying that it is “highly unlikely” that the fighter would have issues competing. Before having the email sent, Trainor has been in contact with David Jefferson (UFC Medical Consultant). According to Jefferson. Aldo was feeling better.

Trainor has more to say: “As an orthopedic surgeon, I don’t treat MRI scans, I treat people. If Aldo had said, ‘I’ve gone back to sparring, I’ve gotten hit in that area and I’m fine,’ I probably would have cleared him to fight. Ultimately, that’s how the decision would have been made. He comes in and a ringside physician would have specifically tried to palpate his ribs and see what he does. If he yelps in pain, then hey, he shouldn’t fight. And of course, we don’t want to cancel fights, but if it has to be done, it has to be done.”

Oct 28

Anderson Silva Gets Injured; Thinks This is a Sign from God

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In a recent interview, mixed martial arts UFC former middleweight champion Anderson Silva admitted that he took his injury as a sign from God.

It started when he was fighting with Chris Weidman. He broke his leg during the fight and that was when realized that the injury happened to teach him something. Silva admits that he is a man of deep faith and this helps him view unfortunate events in his career in a different light.

In his interview with Catherine Wagley, the representative for Citizen of Humanity magazine, he admitted that he did cannot recall every detail about his fights. He said that his fights were too quick to recall, but when had his fight with Weidman and had his injury, he remembered things quite well.

He said that while he was busy painfully clutching his leg, he remembered his manager, Ed Soares, and his trainer, Rogerio Camões, rushed to his side. He went on admitting that while he was in a state of shock, a lot of important things came to his mind. He was worried about his leg, his family, if he could fight again, or worse, if he could even walk again. He even questioned God why did He let the tragedy happen to him. “When they allowed my manager in, I still remember I said: ‘Boss, why did God allow this to happen to me? Why did God do this to me?’ In that moment, I thought it was all over,” he continued.

anderson silvaSilva took the chance to reflect about his career when he had this injury. He said that when he lost an MMA fight for the first time, he concluded that it was because he was not focusing enough. He admitted he was too busy being unhappy with himself, with the sport that he was playing, with those who were organizing fights, with how celebrities lose their shine and eventually fall into a downward spiral, and even with the fights itself.
“The second fight, I was completely ready for. God gave me a signal there: ‘Dude, you gotta stop. You have to stop. I gave you a sign; you didn’t understand…’ But more than that, it was about being able to see yourself, to see yourself, which is very hard, and realize, ‘Darn, I’ve been doing everything wrong.’”

When he had his second fight, he said that he was completely ready this time around. However, he realized that God was giving him a signal to stop. He revealed, “God gave me a signal there: ‘Dude, you gotta stop. You have to stop. I gave you a sign; you didn’t understand.”. Aside from this, he said that he was able to unfold the hard part of his journey, and that was to realize he was doing everything wrong.

As a successful MMA champion, it was not surprising that eventually there are things that had to be sacrificed. Silva admitted that because he was busy with his career, he did not have the time to live his life, spend time with his wife and children, or even to live his reality. He further added, “People don’t care if you’re injured, if your head is in the right place. They want you to make it happen; the show must go on, and it has to be real. But this isn’t real. For me, it was never real. The system takes away the truth from you, takes fighting away from you as something you love.”

Silva has proven his record over the years. Maybe it is indeed time to enjoy what he worked hard for and live his life according to his desire.

Oct 26

Pedro Munhoz Fails UFC Drug Test

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Testosterone a hormone that is produced by the testes. Elevated hormone level can contribute for men, to have a healthy libido, to build muscle mass and maintain energy levels.

One of the rising mixed martial arts UFC bantamweight is not visible to his fans for a while. When this fighter wasn’t visible on the cage for the rest of the division, this is actually because of his injury. Now, it’s actually a different story.

The bantamweight division of the UFC is facing another issue involving one of their fighters. The involved fighter is amongst the promising ones, this is Pedro Munhoz. Munhoz entered the UFC, facing the 5th fighter, Raphael Assuncao. No one could blame him for what Pedro was up against is actually one of the best.

MunhozAfter losing that fight, Munhoz was successful with his succeeding battles facing Matt Hobar and Jerrod Sanders. It seems that Munhoz was on his way up after dominating his the last two fights that he had.

After dominating the MMA battles against Sanders, Munhoz was informed that he did not pass the post fight drug test. The reason for him failing the test is because his testosterone is elevated. After having been informed of the result, he filed an appeal. The documentation of the said issue. Three months after, Mumhoz was informed by Paul Scott, an anti-doping specialist, the a case was filed against him by the NSBA (Nova Scotia Boxing Authority).
This issue was not released to the public.

The measure of Munhoz’s testosterone level was more than double compared to his result during his last MMA fight at Las Vegas. Though both results are within the allowable limit, that was actually an acceptable reason for him to fail the drug test.

During an interview, Munhoz was questioning why it took so long for the results to be sent and also questioning as to why the specialist (Paul Scott) cannot explain why the result came out as such. Once he received, the documentation, a case has been filed against him, which he thinks is a joke.
According to the chairman of NSBA, Michael MacDonald has informed MMAFighting, that the cause of delay to get the results was Munhoz’s camp lack of communication. What the commission did was, to watch when UFC would collect and test the fighters. He even added that, on their end, there was no delay in sending all the responses to Munhoz’s requests.

According to UFC, they are in the process of gathering all the necessary data, including the legal representation from Munhoz. With the current issue, having to take into consideration the standard suspension in relation to these kinds of cases, usually end up being between 9-12 months.
Though this cannot make Munhoz’s case any less problematic, he is actually the fourth fighter that is affiliated with Black House, to fail the drug test, in the past year. This may actually be a troubling issue for one camp of the MMA’s elite.
All these will definitely have an impact to Pedro Munhoz’s career.

Oct 23

Rudy Bears Says He is More than Ready to Beat Michael Page

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For a veteran MMA athlete, it is a fact that it is always important to step up and always show up in every game with a 100% determination to win because there is no stopping young and fresh athletes to join the industry and push veterans behind the line. Although there are times that the newbies will be beaten up by the seniors in the industry, like for example in the mixed martial arts world, more often than not, senior fighters are not quick and strong enough to win over the young bloods.

This Friday at Bellator 140, Rudy “Bad News” Bears, a veteran mixed martial arts fighter, is looking into going up against the up-and-coming fighter Michael Page. Bears knows that there is a possibility that he will lose the fight, as what most people are expecting, but he is determined to step up his game and win the bout. He is seeing this fight as an opportunity to improve his record and be the gatekeeper to Page’s journey going up the success ladder.

In a recent interview, Bears admitted that going against Page will not be a walk in the park. Although he knows that his record is not that pretty, he said that he has prepared and trained hard for this fight. He is confident that he is in great shape and he will be putting his best foot forward in the fight. Furthermore, he admitted that he does not care what people say or think of him. In the interview, he said, “I know I don’t have a super winning record, but I don’t find it as an insult. They can call me a gatekeeper. Whatever. I don’t care.”.

Rudy BearsBears always gives his 100% in each of his fight, however, this effort did not translate well in his fights. Based on the record, his losses are almost the same as the number of times he won. There was a time around 2009 to 2013 where out of fifteen bouts, he was only able to win five of them. Bears was not always at the bottom though. When he started his career, he started of having 10-3, but things did not go so well anymore after losing to UFC veteran Tyron Woodley. He went up against top fighters who also had the chance to fight in the UFC like Paul Daley, Ryan Jensen, Jason High and Zak Cummings. For a time, Bears was going from one organization to the other, including Titan FC and Bellator. When asked about his losses in the past, Bears admitted his efforts simply were not enough for him to win.

This time around, Bears believes that things will become better for him. Just recently, Bears even won two straight MMA competitions and he said that he is feeling better now more than he had in the past. He associated this sense of fulfillment with his decision to take a rest for a year and figured out what he actually needed in order to get better at his sport.

Page might have to be prepared on what Bears can show in the upcoming fight. With Bears getting all fresh, prepared and ready, Page might need to step up to be able to beat his gatekeeper.

Oct 21

Holly Holm Says She Has Still More to Prove

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Holly Holm might be the next big thing going against women’s MMA champ Ronda Rousey.

Holm was able to improve her career from being a champion boxer with just a mere possibility of making it big in the mixed martial arts to a fighter that has the makes of going up against champion Ronda Rousey.

Surprisingly, this happened all before Holm ever had an agreement with the UFC. Holm made waves in New Mexico’s Route 66 Casino to the preliminary bouts in Bellator MMA, and finally to the Legacy Fighting Championship bout. Ronda Rousey’s line up of upcoming opponents now might include a new one.

Things got a little more serious when Holm’s manager released a statement that would somehow be the terms if ever the UFC wants Holm under their belt. Lenny Fresquez, Holm’s manager, is looking into a six-figure salary range and a quicker route on fighting for a title if ever the the MMA promotion is considering getting Holm under their belt.

In an interview last December 2013, Fresquez said that as of the moment, the UFC doesn’t have that many female fights that can be matched up with Holly. He also said, “We’re just waiting for them to give us the right opportunity to fight Ronda Rousey, because we want a title fight.” For Fresquez, he thinks that Holly can represent UFC better than Rousey. “Holly’s a franchise, as you can see. She’s not just your normal fighter; she’s more of a franchise,” he added.

HolmUpon learning about these statements, it did not take long before the UFC president released some choice words for Fresquez. After a meeting with Holly’s manager, Dana White emphasized that the organization was not interested in signing up Holly at all. What White failed to realize this back-and-forth exchange of the fighter only added to her presence in the industry and eventually made her more valuable.

A few months after winning her MMA fight for the seventh time and defeating Juliana Werner for the Legacy FC bantamweight crown, the UFC eventually changed their minds and welcomed Holly as one of their newest fighters.

Hold was previously scheduled to go against Raquel Pennington at UFC 181, but she had to postpone it because of a neck injury she had while training for the bout. Back then, it may seemed very unfortunate for Holm’s UFC debut to be postponed, but it turned out to be a pretty good opportunity down the road. Holm’s debut fight with Pennington got rebooked in UFC 184 card, the same event where Rousey fought against Cat Zingano.

With Holly’s fight taking place in the same even where Rousey would have her bout, this was a perfect opportunity for her to showcase the skills that she got. What made matters even better is Holly’s fight got promoted to co-headliner fight of the night.

Holly was able to win against Pennington as expected. However, it didn’t go too well as planned. Winning by split-decision did not make much noise as what a debut fight should have.

During the post-fight interview, Holly said, “[Before the fight] everybody said, ‘Do you think you’re going to live up to the hype? I said, ‘No,’” Holm recalled. “The movie that comes out that everybody talks about that is the most awesome movie, when you go watch it, it’s usually not as good as they say. If you go check it out with no expectations it’s like, ‘Wow, that was good.’ I feel like that’s what it was.”

Even though Holly wasn’t too happy with how her fight went, she knew that this was a blessing in disguise. “I’m glad that my best performance of my life wasn’t my first fight. I’m glad that I know I have more to prove,” she added.

Oct 19

Jessica Andrade on Being Homosexual: “I’ll always be the same fighter.”

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“I’ve always made it very clear that I am a homosexual. But that has never affected me when fighting or in my personal life.”

This is the bold statement that female mixed martial arts fighter Jessica Andrade confidently said during a recent interview. Andrade admits that she doesn’t expect people to view things differently, preferably in her point of view. She acknowledges the fact that every person has the right to understand things whichever way they want, and if ever other people would want to treat her differently, it will not be a problem. She claims that she still chooses to continue to be the person that the she was from the start- a woman who is affectionate and comfortable with her own sexual orientation.

Just recently, there were people who said a couple of things about her fighting in a cage. Andrade said, “When I was booked against Liz Carmouche, some people were saying that no one cares to see lesbian behavior in the cage. They were saying they’d rather see real fights. But I’ll never change my way of being to make some people happy. In the octagon, I’ll always be the same fighter.”.

Jessica AndradeIn the interview, Andrade admits that every time she meets other people, she thinks of this as her chance to show that being a homosexual does not make them less of a person. That in fact, they are as normal as what other heterosexual people are. She believes that a behavior of a person isn’t defined by their sexuality. Her way of showing how she cares and how she communicates to her friends and loved ones do not change just because she is attracted to women.
Although Andrade may open about her being a homosexual mixed martial arts UFC fighter, she knows that being a homosexual may not come easy for the guys to admit that they are gay while competing in mixed martial arts.

When it comes to male fighters who are homosexual, Andrade said she knows that it is an entirely different story. While female UFC MMA fighters are more comfortable coming out as lesbians, male UFC fighters are not that comfortable coming out and can sometimes handle the situation in a different way. She understands that when it comes to gay men in the UFC, the fear of coming out really takes a lot of courage and emotional strength.

She said, “I don’t know about male homosexuals in MMA, but I know that gay women tend to fight hard because we aren’t worried about being judged,” she said. “We’re just concerned with doing a good job. People don’t care as much anymore.” She also said that, “When it comes to men, that fear of being out is still there. I hope when a guy comes out in the UFC, that he won’t be afraid. It’s difficult at first, but little by little people will understand. It gets better.”.

Even though Andrade (3-2) is well aware that there are still people who are not comfortable with her sexuality, she admitted that she never had any problems in presenting herself honestly.

Andrade is set to fight Sarah Moras in San Diego this Wednesday.

Oct 16

Daniel Cormier Says He is Willing to Wait for Jon Jones; Says ‘I do think about legacy’

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Mixed martial arts champ Daniel Cormier is excited to take a break from fighting after a 10-month long stretch where he fought three of the world’s top light heavyweight fighters.

Cormier, who has a record of 17-1 MMA and 6-1 UFC, sits on the 2nd rank in the NOS Energy Drink MMA light-heavyweight rankings. He went against Jon Jones last January; Jones is currently ranked first. After that, he fought ranked third fighter, Anthony Johnson, last May. Most recently, Cormier went against ranked sixth, Alexander Gustafsson.

This closely-scheduled fights took a toll on Cormier, resulting to two wins and one loss. Cormier won over former champ Jones by unanimous decision during the UFC 182 event. This happened before the belt was taken from him and got suspended indefinitely from the competition last April.

Since the MMA title was free for anyone to get, Cormier stepped forward and fought Johnson for it during the UFC 187 event last May. Luckily, he was able to get the title with by a submission victory during the third round. Aside from the belt, Cormier became the first new champ in his weight class since 2011.

Cormier didn’t waste any more time holding on to his belt. After his fight with Johnson last May, he immediately secured another fight a few months later. Earlier this month, Cormier went against Gustafsson during the UFC 192 event. He managed to hold on to the belt once more by split decision. The fight was dubbed as one of the “Fight of the Year” contender.

When Cormier’s suspension is officially lifted, his next title defense would probably be against Jones. The formal lineup of events is still unknown, but Cormier said that this doesn’t bother him. Cormier admitted that he would like to take his time and prepare before coming back to fighting.

Daniel Cormier“I have no idea (when Jones will be back); all I know is that I’m taking a break. In 2015, I fought Jones, I fought ‘Rumble’ Johnson, and I fought Alexander Gustafsson. I fought the toughest guys the division has to offer – all in 10 months, at 36 years old. I need a little bit of a break. I fought seven times in two years in the UFC. I need some time to sit back and spend with my family. … I want to take a break, and I think I’ve earned it,” Cormier said in a recent interview on “Anik and Florian” Podcast. “

During the UFC 192 event, Cormier revealed that he was pushed to the limit when he went against Gustafsson. Aside from the fact that he was almost knocked out during the third round, he had to endure exhaustion and overcome a lot of blood coming out for him to win the fight.

Cormier admitted that he knew what was at stake when he went up against Gustafsson. He said that the fight was more than just a title; he needed the victory in order for him to set up a future rematch against his biggest rival, Jones.

“Everyone wants that fight. (Before UFC 192) I said, ‘Make no mistake about it: This is a sweepstakes to see who gets that fight against Jones.’ I just wanted to make sure it was me. I’ve long said that Jones is a guy that can really compete with me, and obviously he beat me. At this weight class I feel I’m as good, if not better, than everyone else, and I feel like I’m good enough to beat Jones,” Cormier said.

Cormier’s record is indeed one of the most impressive ones in the MMA industry, with having defeated top fighters like Johnson, Dan Henderson, Gustafsson, Josh Barnett, Roy Nelson, Antonio Silva, and a lot more fighters in different weight divisions. Cormier admitted that he wants to end his career as an all-time great fighter, and for him to achieve this, he would need to win over Jones in a rematch. This would definitely have a great impact on how he’s viewed in the mma industry.

“I do think about legacy. I’m going to fight, but let’s say the wheels start to fall off and I lose or I lose twice, then I’ll probably be done. My resume and my career and my legacy in this sport means more than just collecting some checks. I’m going to do it until I’m not competitive and when I’m not competitive and when I’m not winning at the level that I’m winning now, I’ll walk away. Because yes, legacy does matter to me, and I want to leave a good one in MMA.” Cormier said

“I want to be regarded as the best guy in the world, and I want to fight the best guy in the world. When (Jones) gets back I want to be the guy standing across the octagon with him,” he added.

Oct 14

Kimbo Slice Finds ‘Fixed’ Shamrock Fight Rumor ‘Humorous’

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Kimbo Slice proved that fans still want to watch him fight.

Even though Slice took a rest from fighting for five years, his comeback fight against Ken Shamrock got the highest ratings in the history of Bellator. On top of it all, Slice managed to win the fight over his contender after managing to get back up from the ground. When Slice appeared in The MMA Hour recently, he went on and talked about his plans on fighting, what he did to win over Shamrock, and addressed the issue that the fight might have been fixed.

Slice shared his thoughts about coming back to the cage after a brief hiatus from fighting.

“It felt good. You kinda miss it. You know what to expect from it. You just build up a confidence level know because all those years you f–king learned to love the sport. What I took for granted back then, I kinda embrace now, which is the ground game. I added more into a workout rather than just standing up, f–king someone holding pads and going through that ritual. I can do that with my eyes closed. I can do that in my sleep. What’s still a little new is that ground. With everything, you still can learn different s–t from it. No matter how much you train in it, you still find yourself learning something different,” he said.

Kimbo SliceDuring the fight, Slice almost tapped out when Shamrock nearly choked him out of the fight. He went on explaining how he managed to wriggle out of the choke and win the fight.

“You kinda know where you’re at, so you don’t tap. It’s like, worst case, you just wake the f–k up and that’s it. No matter what happens, don’t bring yourself to tap. Considering that was happening in the back of my mind, I was just listening to my corners scream and yell, remembering the ritual: go to your back, go from there. Just remembering those steps. I was able to pull that s–t off,” he recalled.

Slice also expressed his happiness when he witnessed how fans welcomed him back in the mixed martial arts industry, what he felt about his popularity, and his reaction when he found out how much success the fight with Shamrock garnered.

“The s–t was awesome. I gotta a lot fans out there that love to see me fight. That’s one thing you can’t change, you can’t stop. I’m going to put asses in seats. Those numbers are going to be there. I’m going to fight and they know when you’re coming to watch a Kimbo Slice fight – no matter who the f–k his opponent is – that’s gonna be a fight. Somebody’s getting knocked the f–k out. Something’s happening in that fight, in that match with Kimbo and whoever. That alone is going to stick with me until my days are done,” Slice said.

Here’s what Slice had to say about his popularity:

“People relate to me. I relate to them. Our come up is the same. I don’t think that I’m a superstar celebrity you can’t f–king touch. You see me on TV, so that’s celebrity status. I’m fighting in professional sports and also celebrity status. But you also see me in your local stores, you see me on the streets, you see me doing the same s–t you’re doing with your family and your kids. To see that alone is why they can relate to me, for that reason right there is why, I guess, a lot of fans and the average person can relate. Because I’m a real motherf–ker just like them. I gotta grind just like they gotta grind. I get up and get my s–t going in the morning just like they do, put my pants on one leg at a time. I don’t think I’m all that. I don’t think I’m better than the next man. But if it’s a one-on-one fight and we gotta fight, I’m bang your ass up, you can believe that.”

On the idea of his MMA fight with Shamrock being fixed, he simply said,

“I find it humorous, to be honest with you.”

Oct 12

Brian Stann Supports Dillashaw’s Decision; Says “In this sport you’ve got to be selfish”

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T.J. Dillashaw has been getting a lot of shots because he finally left mixed martial arts Team Alpha Male and moved to another team, Elevation Fight Team in Colorado. A lot of people are criticizing him for leaving his mother team for a ‘better’ team with Duane Ludwig, but not Brian Stann.

During a recent interview, Dillashaw explained that he was offered a deal that he simply couldn’t refuse. The reigning bantamweight champ revealed that he will be paid to train with Elevation Fight Team, which is headed by trainer Duane Ludwig. The team is based in Colorado. However, spectators are not buying this reason, saying that they believe the real reason behind the move is because of Ludwig and his bad relationship with Team Alpha Male.

Ludwig Duane has helped T.J. to become the fighter and champion that he is today. He and Dillashaw were both part of Team Alpha Male. However, Duane left the team last year to put up his own gym in Colorado: BANG Muay Thai. Even though Duane left to build his own team, Dillashaw still continued to train under his wing while maintaining a relationship with his teammates in Team Alpha Male.

Brian StannHowever, with Dillashaw moving to Duane’s team, it looks like the champ will no longer be welcome to train with his Californian teammates.

T.J.’s focus will now be training with Duane and his MMA team in Colorado. Unlike other spectators, Brian Stann thinks that Dillashaw made a great choice.

“I think that TJ’s making the right decision, and here’s why, first and foremost in this sport you’ve got to be selfish. It is something that held me back a little bit in my career and at the end of the day this is about how much money you can make over the longest period of time you can do it. “

“If TJ Dillashaw feels like that is the better environment for him to go to and make as much money as he can and maximizes opportunities then he’s got to do it, whether it hurts some friend’s feelings or not. His family and paying his bills to take care of his family come first, ahead of all else,” Stann explained.

T.J. Dillashaw is now preparing to defend his belt and face former MMA champ Dominick Cruz for the third time. They will be going against each other inside the octagon this coming January 17th at the UFC Fight Night 81 event which will be held in TD Garden in Boston.

Oct 09

Chael Sonnen Says Fedor Emelianenko is Overrated

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This is not the first time that Chael Sonnen spoke about “The Emperor”. However, this time around, Sonnen compared Fedor Emelianenko to Kimbo Slice and bluntly stated that Fedor is “definitely overrated”.

Chael Sonnen is not new to controversial opinion. In fact, he has said a lot of about current events in the the MMA industry lately. During a recent interview in The MMA Hour, Sonnen discussed the latest buzz about Fedor’s comeback from retirement again. Last month, he said that Fedor was ‘terrible’. Now, being a guest on the 300th episode of the program, he went to the topic much deeper and he definitely didn’t sugarcoat any of his thoughts about it, just like what he did last time.

“He’s definitely overrated. But he’s not that highly rated. The people who listen to your show, the people who listen to my podcast, we have some hardcore fans. They watched him over in Japan. They watched some of those matches and they’re more than happy to forget when he came over to the states and actually did a sanctioned fight with a real referee that’s not wearing an earpiece. They forgot about those. The average human being doesn’t have the foggiest idea of who he is. And history is not going to reflect well on Fedor Emelianenko, as far as his MMA career goes,” Sonnen said.

SonnenSonnen then went on comparing Fedor and his career to those of Kimbo Slice.

“Fans assess Fedor constantly. They have no idea what they’re talking about. I hear things said about Fedor where I’m just sitting there rolling my eyes. I had to live through this with Kimbo Slice. I had to live through this where the fans’ perception gets so far off that they don’t know what they’re seeing. Fedor can give you a very good assessment of himself. He knows where he’s at. So when he puts himself over there in Japan and goes, ‘I can make a few bucks doing this, I can stay busy and I don’t have to fight those guys in the UFC,’ that ends the argument. His fans always want to come out, ‘You’d do so well in the UFC.’ If he’s telling you that he won’t, you’ve gotta listen to him,” he added.

He also said that it was a great choice for Fedor to avoid the UFC and opted to sign up to another promotion.

“The Emperor” will be coming back inside the octagon after being gone for three years this coming New Year’s Eve in Japan. As of the moment, the promotion hasn’t released any names that will go against him in the fight.