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Nov 06

Palhares allegedly gouged Shields’ eyes during bout; Shields releases evidence

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Mixed martial arts champ Rousimar Palhares may have won over Jake Shields in last Saturday’s WSOF 22 event, but it looks like he may have to face a possible disciplinary action and a cut from his potential winning pay because of the controversial submission he made towards the end of the fight.

With Palhares’ win over Jake Shields, he should have earned $80,000 along with the WSOF title. However, due to the controversial events, Palhares only got $23,975 of his entire winning amount. The Nevada State Athletic Commission opted to hold the $40,000 win and the board will have to review the controversial fight where Shields tapped to a kimura in the third round.

Due to the commission’s new anti-doping rules and fees for the taxes, an additional $16,000 has been deducted to Palhares’ prize money. The anti-doping policies state that 10% of the fighter’s prize money should be withheld until after the results of drug testing come out. Bob Bennett, the Executive Director of NSAC, released these statements in a recent interview. The other fighters like Jake Shields and Sheymon Moraes also had their 10% be withheld in compliance to the policy. Bennett further revealed that Palhares’ pre-fight urine test results should be coming out soon.

Palhares made a couple of violations during the MMA fight. The first one was when he continued to twist Jake Shields’ arm even after the referee, Steve Mazzagatti, instructed him to stop. The second one was his eye-gouging moves during the second round. He was repeatedly warned during the fight because of this. And lastly, he held on to the kimura move even though Shields already tapped a couple of times. After the fight, WSOF officials revealed that Palhares might be stripped off his title.

PalharesJake Shields immediately complained to the referee about the eye gouging that Palhares made. He even punched Palhares after the fight that the referee had to break them up. Shields then continued to curse Palhares while they were constrained because of his frustration on what took place in the fight.

Due to this controversial incident, Bob Bennett asked for a copy of the fight from the WSOF for review. He will then release a recommendation as to what sanction should be appropriate for Palhares, in case the fighter is indeed guilty of the accusations. He further mentioned that the commission has the power to carry out necessary disciplinary actions against the fighters but he refused to give out other information about the possible litigation.

The executive director also admitted that he will be taking a look at Shield’s behavior. However, he refused to answer when he was asked why Shield’s pay was not put on hold.

During the interview, Bennett said that they are taking into consideration all the possible options to ensure that the sanctions given will be fair to all the MMA fighters. “We’re considering all the options that are available to us based on the actions of both fighters at the end of the fight. Prior to the fight, he was given pre-fight instructions by Steve Mazzagatti because we were well aware of his history in extending the submission once the fighter tapped out,” he explained.

Nov 04

Dominick Cruz reveals he wants to be back in MMA by the end of the year

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29-year old former UFC mixed martial arts bantamweight champion Dominick Cruz went under the knife again for the third time in his career to repair an injury. Last week, Cruz had a surgery to repair his knee due a torn ACL and it looks like he will have to rest on fighting for about nine months.

In a recent interview,Dominick Cruz revealed that the surgery went well and he is already familiar with how the healing and rehabilitation process goes. “It went well. Obviously, I have done this more times than I’d like, but I’ve become pretty used to the sequence of events that take place,” he said.

He further admitted that getting back up from an ACL injury will not take less six months. According to his doctors, Dominick Cruz said that he is looking into around nine months of rest, since a typical ACL surgery and rehabilitation takes around six to nine months at the least. “I’m just going to say nine months because that’s what the doctors say. That can be later, or it can be a little bit sooner,” he continued.

Dominick CruzThe first surgery that Dominick Cruz had was back in 2012 where he tore his ACL in preparation for UFC 148. Unfortunately, his body rejected the cadaver ligament that was used to replace his injured one. So in December of the same year, Cruz had to undergo another surgery to repair the said injury again.

Dominick Cruz was supposed to come back to the octagon in 2014 at UFC 169, but unfortunately, he tore his groin muscle so there was no choice left but to pull him out of the event. MMA fighter Dominick Cruz had no choice but to vacate his title. After almost three years of not being able to play the sport, he had the chance to return spectacularly at UFC 178. He won the Performance of the Night award bonus in the event because he was able to knock Takeya Mizugaki out in the first round. He earned his MMA spot to go against champion T.J. Dillashaw after this event but sadly, he had another injury again. This time, he unfortunately tore the ACL in his other knee.

Today, Cruz has made sure his injury is healing successfully and in a timely manner.

In a recent interview, he revealed, “For this surgery, something that I did for my own well being was I made it where my physical therapist, my doctor and every physical therapist I have now are all talking, all in communication and all on the same page. That was something that never took place in my first two surgeries.”.

He further explained that everybody in his team made sure that the surgery is completely successful so as to avoid the event that happened the first time he went under the knife. “Everybody has been very helpful in making sure that this surgery is completely successful at the highest level the very first time around instead of it failing like the first time. I definitely made sure that everything was – all my I’s were dotted and my T’s were crossed on this surgery to get back in there as soon as possible. My goal is to try to be back by the end of the year,” he added.

Nov 02

Bas Rutten on Fedor Emelianenko: “He Can Still Win Fights.”

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In a recent interview, mixed martial arts UFC Hall of Famer Bas Rutten has talked about the return of the MMA Fedor “The Last Emperor” Emelianenko. He was asked if the thinks Fedor can still be vicious inside the octagon just like the old days.

Rutten did not even have a slight hesitation to answer when he was asked about this. He said that he definitely thinks Fedor can still do some damage when he steps back in the octagon. Based from his experience, Rutten said that he felt great when he came back to compete at 42 years old. That was until the injuries came back. He said that he had a lot time on his hands- he had a break from fighting for almost four years, he had more than two months to prepare and he was in the best shape a month before the fight. “I go ‘man, this is so awesome, I feel so great’ and then all the injuries came back,” he added.

Bas RuttenHe further continued saying that he thinks a fighter as dangerous as Fedor will always be vicious inside the octagon. Like in this case, he thinks The Last Emperor has a great ground game and he is good everywhere so there’s no reason for him not to try and fight again. “I think he can make a big impact,” he further added. He was quick to note, though, that he thinks maybe Fedor feels that now he’s had a good rest and best comeback training, his injuries are gone. Fedor retired a few years ago because of because of his injuries. Rutten says that if Fedor’s previous injuries will not disable him now that he’s back, then The Last Emperor will be unstoppable.

When Rutten was asked if he thinks Fedor still has a mixed martial arts UFC title run left in him, his answer was definitely a yes. “I do think so, I do think so. I mean I’ve been watching this guy over the years, and every time he amazes me,” he said. He said that when inside the octagon, Fedor will seem to move weirdly, but actually he is already making his move. “It’s like on the ground it’s almost like he’s baiting you. He moves a little weird and then you think ‘oh nah, I shouldn’t do that,’ and the fighter probably who is fighting thinks the same and then ‘boom’, there’s the submission,” he said.
Rutten further added that everything happens really fast because Fedor already has it in his veins. Everything goes so easy and quick that you will realize it is all because of muscle memory. Rutten said that in even though Fedor is not getting any younger, he can still go big during the fights. “He only needs to connect once, we know this. And you make one mistake on the ground, as well he’s very good as well.”.

With all these good things that he said about Fedor, Rutten thinks that Fedor shouldn’t be fighting at the MMA heavyweight division. “The guy is like 225 pounds, that’s like you just lose, lose 15 pounds or something and then fight at 205. What an animal he would be at that,” he said. Although he believes that Fedor is playing at the weight he is most comfortable with, he will probably have a strategy as to how he will defeat someone like Bigfoot. “If you have a guy who cuts down from 285 to 265, who was on the day of the fight 275 again, and then you’re 230 pounds or maybe a little less and the guy has technique and he sits on top of you and he has control. Yeah that’s just a lot of weight difference,” he further added.