November 16

Anderson Silva receives verdict on failed drug test


Even though MMA fighter Anderson Silva went to take the plunge and tainted his reputation by admitting that he took sexual enhancement drugs, which in turn caused him to test positive for steroids, the Nevada Athletic Commission still decided to go forward with the disciplinary action discussed.

During the NAC’s hearing last Thursday held in Las Vegas, the committee has decided to suspend Silva for one whole year and face a penalty of $380,000. This suspension is retroactive to his bout last January 31st though, so this means that Silva can fight again in February 2016. As for his $380,000 penalty fee, this amount cost Silva his whole winning bonus of $200,000 and 30% of his $600,000 show money from that event. Aside from this, his win over Diaz has been changed to no contest. These punishments were approved unanimously by the whole board. Before Silva can resume fighting, he needs to pass a clean drug test.

“I feel there’s some intention to here to use the product to come back from a devastating injury. There’s definitely knowledge of what’s going on here, and we’re just playing games. And that’s my frustration at all this soft testimony,” NAC commissioner Anthony Marnell said.

There is a silver lining for Silva in his case though. Those who will fail the MMA drug tests come next month will face more serious consequences compared to previous violators. Unlike in previous cases, first-time offenders for anabolic steroids will now face a suspension of three full years, instead of one year.

Silva tested positive for several types of anabolic steroids. During the pre-fight drug test, which was done before his fight last January 9th, he tested positive for drostanolone metabolites and androstane. Silva also tested positive for another two types of substances when he was tested after the fight last January 31st- oxazepam and temazepam. Temazepam is known to be used for its anti-insomnia effects, while Oxazepam is used to alleviate anxiety. If these substances are not enough, Silva tested positive yet again for drostanolone metabolites.

Silva did not admit to consciously taking steroids when he was asked during the hearing, but he did admit to using non-prescription sexual enhancement drugs he got from a friend. The former middleweight champion claimed that this sexual enhancement drug came all the way from Thailand and is not available for purchase in the United States or even in Brazil. Silva claimed that this is the reason why he tested positive for the banned substances.

Silva further admitted that he intentionally did not include this particular information on his mixed martial arts pre-fight questionnaire because he didn’t want anybody to know that he was taking pills for sex enhancement. This particular drug is known to be closely associated with other sex enhancing drugs like Cialis or Viagra. The former champion, however, stated that he did take the medications for approximately three months before the fight and stopped by January 8th.

He also admitted that he didn’t know that the sex-enhancing drug contained steroids. “I had no idea the steroid was in there. I was taking it for the purpose of sexual enhancement,” he said.

With Silva’s victory overturned, his last UFC victory on record now goes all the way back from Oct. 13, 2012 against Stephan Bonnar.


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