November 18

Joe Rogan say Rousey doesn’t need to go up in weight


Ronda Rousey is the best women’s mixed martial arts fighter in her 135-pound division, if not in the whole world, today.

This has been achieved by Cristiane “Cyborg” Justino, who is also shining on her side of the division at 145 pounds. With Rousey defeating Bethe Correia in just a matter of seconds into the first round at UFC 190, the big buzz right now is if Rousey and Cyborg will finally meet eye to eye to make the epic fight happen.

In a recent interview, UFC analyst Joe Rogan discussed some points with co-hosts Bryan Callen, Brendan Schaub, and Eddie Bravo regarding the much-awaited MMA fight between Rousey and Correia. Rogan pointed out some interesting topics about the fight, including Cyborg’s past issue regarding steroid use violation.

Ronda Rousey“Let’s look at this rationally. Let’s say we know for sure, because we don’t know anything for sure, but let’s say for sure Ronda is not juicing. Let’s say we also know for sure that Cyborg might be on something. That she might be on something to make 145 [pounds]. Then, are you OK with it? Are you OK with it if they both fight at 145 and one person is naturally bigger and might be on something?,” Rogan explained.

Rogan also mentioned the possible double standard when dealing with steriod use issues and getting TRT for women as opposed to men getting reprimanded for the same thing.

“This is my question: Do you have a different opinion about this with women than you do with men?. Here’s a perfect example. Chris Weidman, a dominant champ just like Ronda, if he was going to fight Vitor Belfort and we knew that Vitor might be on TRT, I still wouldn’t have a problem with it. Idon’t think Weidman would have a problem with it, either. I think Weidman would be like, ‘I’m still going to f**k this guy up.’ That’s the point, it’s a different fight. Vitor off the s**t or on the s**t. That’s the question. If [Cyborg’s] capable of doing something that’s not natural to stay at 145 or get up higher than 145 into the 170’s, then how do you feel about the fight? Then it becomes a different fight. What if Ronda loses and then Cyborg tests positive?” Rogan said.

As for which division the two MMA fighters would hold their bout, Rogan says that he believes Cyborg is the one who should go down to 135 pounds, and not the other way around.

“This idea that Ronda has to move up? She doesn’t. Why does she have to do anything? She’s the champ. This is not a matter of [Cyborg] not being able to [make 135 pounds], it’s a matter of her not taking any of the steps to attempt to do it. If you really want to do it you hire Mike Dolce and you put up a video of you making that weight. ‘Hey I’m weighing in. 135. See, I can do it. Ronda, let’s do this bitch. I want my title.’,” the UFC analyst said.

George Lockhart is currently Cyborg’s new nutritionist and he is confident that Cyborg will be definitely be able to make the 135-pound weight by December.


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