July 22

Bottom Half Guard Kneebar


Back in 2002 or 2003, UFC legend and movie star Oleg “The Russian
Bear” Taktarov showed up to my gym! He was filming a role in Bad
Boys 2 and swung by to show some moves. Oleg is a Sambo master
and he showed a whole bunch of really cool leg locks… and the
one move that impressed me the most was this kneebar he would pull
from the bottom halfguard!

I had seen Frank Mir attempt it on Ian Freeman in the UFC
but he didn’t finish it and I had incorrectly written it off as
garbage… until Oleg showed me some little tips that made this
move a high percentage killer! Since then, it has become one of
my top “go to” moves in grappling and MMA. I can force this move
and practically hit it at will, especially the follow-up sweep.
A lot of the guys in my MMA gym in Miami, FL also use it as well.

Check out the video below:

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