July 21

Lift Weights?


A lot of people ask me if weight training
is good for mixed martial arts… and my answer is yes. Weight
training, if done properly, can be very beneficial for MMA and
UFC style training.

However, there are several things to keep in mind… for one
thing, you should have a workout that is custom tailored for your
fighting style. If you are primarily a striker, you shouldn’t be
loading up too much on the curls – but if you are primarily a
wrestler, then hit the curls hard. 

As a striker, it is important to keep your arms elastic and
flexible (hence a striker should avoid bulky arms) but as a
wrestler, having powerful arms is good for finishing double legs
and other takedowns.

Another thing to keep in mind is a proper warm-up before lifting
weights. If you go the weight gym, you’ll see people just do a
few stretches and then start lifting… and if you look around in
the same gym, you’ll see bulky dudes walking around with their
arms all curled in… you don’t want that. You want long, smooth,
flexible, and strong muscles. You don’t want to leave the gym
with your arms curling in.

To avoid that, a proper warm-up is important. Personally, I
like to do a big shadow boxing routine, break a sweat, and then
stretch out my arms. Once you are warmed up and stretched out –
begin your lifting. Make sure you do each exercise with a light
warm-up set first.

In between sets, instead of just sitting and waiting, stretch
your arms and shadow box. The stretching and shadow boxing
between sets will keep your arms loose and flexible. Try this,
you will notice a big difference.

Then at the end of your workout, burn out with some cardio.
Either do some intense shadow boxing (until you are sweating) or
go for a one mile run. Afterward, do a nice long stretch.
You’ll notice the difference when you get home – and especially
the next day. Your arms will feel loose and flexible – not sore
and curled up.

If you guys see me lifting weights at our Miami MMA gym in Miami, FL
that is why you always see me shadow boxing in between sets 🙂 That
being said, it helps to have an ipod with your favorite music
playing while lifting.


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