November 20

Chris Weidman admits he cannot imagine losing to Luke Rockhold


The American mixed martial arts fighter knows that he will face the middleweight fighter, Luke Rockhold. Weidman just did not expect to wait that long. The match will happen on December 12 being the co-main event of UFC 194.

Now that the date is set for the match, Weidman has this to say:

“I’m excited to go out there and just really run through Luke. I just really cannot imagine myself losing to him. I know he’ll talk the same way, but I think he’s just kind of faking it. I don’t think he really believes he can beat me, but he knows what to say. These guys know in the weight (class), I think they’re starting to get it. And he’s one of the guys who knows. I think he’s a little insecure about himself, and I feel like that’s why he has to pump his chest up all the time and go a little overboard. I think he’s just insecure and I think he knows what’s coming. I think he’d much rather be fighting anyone else besides me.”

Rockhold seems to be unstoppable. His fight against Lyoto Machida marked as his four-fight win streak. Weidman’s dominance above the middleweight division of the UFC has been determined after he dethroned Anderson Silva in 2013.

This MMA match seems to be fascinating to the fans as both have proven to be deserving of the title.

Chris Weidman“We came up, we were both prospects together around the same time. I was usually No. 1, he was always kind of No. 2 or No. 3 coming up. And I know he’s had his eye on me. This is not a fight that I can allow to go the distance with the judges. I have such a great opportunity here to run through him and truly make, I think, more of a final statement in this division. He’s beaten a good part of the division. I’ve beaten a good part of the division. I think after this fight, the question marks are gone. And I think it’s going to be a huge part of my career, a huge part of my legacy, this fight. I know that, and I just have to run through him. Absolutely run through him.”

This is what Weidman thought of his opponent, Rockhold.

For Weidman’s UFC contract, he gets pay-per-view points, so he is sure that he will get “good” money once the final results are in. The MMA fighter is also focused on defeating Rockhold, so he has this to say:

“The good thing is that [Rockhold] has no idea what I’m bringing to the table for this fight. I could just stand and try to knock him out. I could take him down and submit him. He has no idea what I’m going to bring, and that excites me. And I really could go either direction. I feel like if I wanted to, I could stand and knock him out. And I feel like if I wanted to, I could take him down and submit him. So I just feel like I have such a great opportunity no matter where this fight goes.

“It’s just a really exciting fight, and he’s a talented kid, so it’s going to look good. I’m going to look good doing it. Sometimes you fight sloppy guys and it doesn’t look as good. But this kid, he’s athletic, he’s good looking, he’s got a great body, and it’s going to be fun beating him up.”


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