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Home Workout #1


I get a lot of requests
from students for a home workout. I got a lot of different
workouts and they depend on different things but mainly the

1) Equipment present
2) Partner present

Now you don’t need to have either to get a workout – but it will
give you a lot more options.

We are going to start with what I call my “hotel” workout. This is
a solo workout I used to do when I traveled and had nobody with me
or any equipment. However, I used to always bring an interval timer
with me. This is one piece of equipment that I’m going to require
of you. You can purchase an interval timer online at but it is pricey. A much cheaper alternative is but I have never used that particular brand. The
ringside timers are the ones we use at the gym. If you have an
iphone, gymboss has an app.

The difference between an interval timer and your average kitchen
timer is that an interval timer will beep every 15 seconds (or
other interval you determine) which will give you a lot more
options with your solo workouts. It is mandatory for the workouts
I’ll be giving you here. Without the interval timer, the workouts
are impossible.

A few notes about all these workouts… I want you to play your
favorite music the whole time, this will help get you pumped and
into the workout. I also want to emphasize that during your
workouts, visualize the fight! Visualize making eye contact with
your opponent, visualize you are in the middle of the fight and
must keep pushing harder! All these workouts are only as hard as
YOU make them. You can coast by these workouts and hardly break a
sweat… or you could push it so hard that you could be completely
fatigued within the first minute! I recommend the latter, push
yourself so hard that you feel like stopping in the first minute!
Don’t be afraid to empty the gas tank – this is the only way you
will learn how to push yourself past your current limits. Most
people try to pace themselves in their workouts – don’t do that
with these. Blast through these workouts and have the courage to do

BY THE WAY… Medical Disclaimer: Before starting this or any other
exercise program, all individuals should consult with their
physician or primary healthcare provider.

Workout #1 – The Shadow Box Workout (No partners and only a timer –
recommend 2 or 3 lb weights)

Set your timer on 3 minute rounds, 15 second intervals, 1 minute

1st Round – Shadow Boxing with a flurry every 15 seconds. It is
pretty self-explanatory, shadow box like normal and every 15
seconds when the interval bell rings, let go 3 to 5 punches with
100% intensity! Like a real fight! Picture it, you are fighting,
you connected on your opponent, he is hurt, now you are letting go
3 to 5 punches in full flurry to finish him. After each flurry,
catch your breath and you shadow box, anticipating the next bell.
Try to fire off the very millisecond the bell rings.

2nd Round – Shadow boxing with a sprawl every 15 seconds. Same
concept as above except you will sprawl when the bell rings. Right
after the sprawl, pop up and let go a flurry of 3 to 5 strikes. In
your mind, your opponent can’t stand with you and tries to take you
down… you sprawl… then unleash a flurry as they desperately try
to back away. They are tired and are even more tired with their
failed takedown attempt… make them pay each time! If you are new
and don’t know what a sprawl is, simply put both your hands on the
floor and kick both your legs as far back as you can, and then kick
your feet back in and pop off of your hands back up to your feet.

3rd Round – Shadow boxing with weights. For this one, I prefer 2
pound or 3 pound weights, depending on your conditioning level.
However, if you are traveling or do not own such weights, you can
go to a vending machine and purchase two bottles of water. They are
usually 20 ounces, which will do the trick for the workout. Don’t
buy soda – all the shaking will make them explode when you open
them. Now for this workout, there are three positions I work… One
is standing striking, two is bent over at the waist dropping
strikes to the floor (like if you were standing over an opponent in
their open guard), and the last position is off of my back. Now the
way this drill will work is that we will start off standing with
weights, striking. Then when the 15 second bell rings, we drop the
weights and let go a full flurry for 15 seconds… then when the
bell rings again, we’ll pick up the weights again and switch the to
the second position, dropping strikes from standing and bent over.
Then when the 15 second bell rings, let go the weights and full
flurry for that position. Then when the bell rings again, grab the
weights and go to your back… then when it rings, release the
weights and full flurry. Then when it rings yet again, back up to
the feet, grabbing the weights, and start the whole cycle over
again. A couple of important points… when you release the
weights, don’t mistake that as a break… that should be harder! A
full flurry! When you are on your back, same thing, full intensity,
throwing elbows, hooks, etc. Picture your opponent is super gassed
and managed to take you down and is trying to rest… beat his butt
from off of your back! 🙂 When the bell cues you to stand up,
picture you kicking your opponent off of you and coming back up to
your feet to punish him! Get that visualization, it is important.
Do every workout this way!

4th Round – 15 second normal – 15 second full flurry! This is the
hardest of all the shadow box rounds. It is straight forward… You
start out by doing 15 seconds of normal shadow boxing – when the
bell rings, let go your hands and give it 110% for 15 full seconds!
This is when you will test your own courage. Technically, you
should be gassed out of your mind after the second flurry, if you
are truly going 110%. Don’t be afraid to let it all hang in the
first flurry! This is not only how you will get into great shape –
but this is also how you develop toughness for fighting and
sparring. A good tip for this drill… YELL if you need to! It
helps me get through it!

5th Round – 7th Round – Shadow Knees against a wall. Post both your
hands on a wall and do the shadow knees with the hop step.
Basically, similar to the running man, just keep the knees coming
up and stay on the balls of your feet the whole time. Pace yourself
in this drill, as if you were running, and don’t stop. You can work
different heights on the knees and different angles, including side
knees. Try not be lazy and pick your knees up, don’t focus only on
low knees.

8th Round – Wandering knees. Now shadow around the room throwing
only knees and elbow… but mainly focusing on the knees. The whole
time do not let your heels touch the ground. Visualize reaching for
the knees, using your thai clinch, fighting from the under hook,

9th Round – Combo Builder Round. For this drill, turn the interval
to 30 seconds. This round you are going to start the first 30
seconds of the round only throwing one strike at a time… but with
FULL intensity. So for instance, popping one jab full speed,
throwing one uppercut full speed, one right cross, etc. Picturing
your opponent rushing in as your throw that single right cross,
etc. Then when the 30 second bell rings, you are going to add an
extra strike, so now its two strikes. It can be a double jab, a
jab-cross, a right uppercut, left hook, double right crosses, etc.
Full intensity. Then when the bell rings again, now its 3
strikes… each time adding a strike with each bell.

10th Round – Reverse Combo Builder… Same as previous round but
starting with the max combo (depending on your time per round…
for 3 min round, it would be 6 punch combo) then taking away a
strike each time the 30 sec bell rings… so in the last 30 seconds
you would be hitting single strikes.

11th Round – Regular Shadow Boxing Round

12th Round – Cool Down… 15 seconds hands behind your back, 15
seconds hands out… This drill is to focus on your footwork and
body when punching. You would throw your same combos (jabs,
crosses, hooks, etc.) but focusing on your shoulders, hips,
footwork, etc. This drill helps you develop insane power.

This is a very intense workout. For a beginner, you can work with 3
min rounds and 1 min rest… for intermediate, 4 min rounds… for
advanced, 5 min rounds.

Just so you know, I love this workout and use it personally for any
fight or competition I’m serious about. And I’ve done this one in
hotel rooms plenty of times. It’s the no excuse workout!

Thank you and enjoy the workout!

In a couple of days, I’m going to post a video of an amazing drill that
requires intervals as well. Please get on getting an interval training
system, whether it be with the gymboss iphone app or an actual
interval timer. The next video blog will definitely be worth the effort!


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