May 6

Trademark Pass


This is Marcos Avellan, I have posted this video
on youtube and the forums, so if you’ve seen it already, my
apologies… but I could NOT take any chances… I had to make sure
that EVERYONE on this list is familiar with this pass… the Knee
Cut Across Pass!

Here is the video:

Personally, I have hit this pass at LEAST a hundred times in
advanced/pro level grappling competition and MMA fights… and if
you count my brother, between both Avellan brothers, we have hit
this move HUNDREDS of times in competition. For that reason,
Grappling Magazine called it, “The Avellan Trademark Knee Cut
Across Pass…”, which is my baddest, most reliable, and easiest
guard pass. This is my most overused yet rarely stopped guard pass.
My opponents would go into the match expecting it and STILL not be
able to stop it. In the video above, I plenty of live examples in
actual competition. At FFA, this is the first guard pass we teach
all our guys – and we are relentless with it!

I have about thirty different variations to this one pass, which
include submission setups. Before I can dive into any of that cool
stuff… you HAVE TO KNOW the basic knee cut across as I have
explained it above.


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