August 7

Knock Out Game


Click on this link to watch it on YouTube:
Every time I walk near a person, although I may not be looking directly at them, I am always on edge that they may try to punch, tackle, stab, or shoot me – and after they walk by me, I always look over my shoulder to make sure I get enough distance away from them. If there is anything reflective, like a window, I’ll use it to make sure they have continued walking away from me. When I eat at a restaurant, I ALWAYS sit facing the entrance. When I go into a conference or movie, I always look to the exits. When I am going in and out of my home, I always do a scan. I also have a similar behavior with regards to when I am in my vehicle. I have never shared this but the few people in my inner-circle that know about this have called me paranoid… but this game “knock out”, this is NOTHING NEW and exists throughout the world in different forms. There are predators in every society and they do hunt. You can choose to be oblivious to it and play on the statistics that “this will most likely never happen to me” or you can have a more active role in your self-defense.

This “game” is relatively harmless when you compare it to some of the other sick “games” that are played out there. Furthermore, as a parent, you should be even more on guard with your children – the same way it only takes a split second to get sucker punched KOed… it only takes a split second for someone to snatch your child while you are looking the other way.

If you haven’t yet, watch the video above and listen to these kids explain this “game” of “knock out”:

We play a game at our MMA gym in Miami, FL where we constantly try to sneak up on each other and chop each other (lightly) in the neck, symbolizing an assassin’s kill. This game has developed our awareness – this is one way we work on raising our awareness.


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