Prayer Heel Hook

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May 19

I got a LOT of positive feedback about the knee
cut across pass – a.k.a. the Avellan Trademark Pass 🙂 Check
out the positive feedback on the comments section on the
bottom of this page here:

By the way, if you liked the video yourself, please go ahead
and drop a comment yourself! The comments help me out and
also motivate me to put out more and more videos!

I got so many requests about seeing variations to this pass
and learning more about the different techniques to use in
conjunction with it, that I decided to share one of my best
secondary attacks to use with the knee cut across pass…
which is the Prayer Heel Hook!  Check it out below:

If you like it, all I ask for these free techniques is that
you drop a comment on the bottom of the page and share this
on facebook or twitter by clicking on the icon below the
video.  Thanks a lot.

As you know, we train and test these moves out of my MMA gym in Miami, FL.

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