May 15

You’re a Black Belt


You have to have this mentality, even if you are not a black
belt YET… but you ARE a black belt in the making. Having
been an instructor since 1999, I can tell you that the common
trait that separates the high belts from the white belts and
blue belts is that the high belts believe themselves to be future
black belts.

Just saying you want to be a black belt is NOT enough… you
have to VISUALIZE wearing your black belt, hitting your techniques
like a black belt, being lined up in class with the black belts…


Dr. Maxwell Maltz, in his book “Psycho Cybernetics”, said
that “…one cannot consistently outperform his own self image…”

Think about what that really means… you can’t stumble on
to a tournament and become world champion… you had to
WANT the world title and BELIEVE it is yours to claim because
you are a CHAMPION…

If you go into the world championships thinking you are
going to be lucky if you win ONE match… there is no way you
are going to win four matches versus four world class competitors
who ALL have their eye on the prize.

Same thing with your training. You aren’t going to become a
a black belt if you have the self image of a career blue or
purple belt. You are a future black belt in the making!

Believe in yourself. It doesn’t matter your natural ability,
your age, your injuries, your physical handicaps and limitations,
your work schedule, etc. You will be a black belt – no matter
how long it takes.

My only purpose in teaching is produce BLACK BELTS. Right
now, I am taking the task of teaching you over the internet –
and my goal is no different, which is to help you get better
and ultimately assist you in getting your BLACK BELT.

I hope to maintain our relationship on here for years and
to have you eventually email me back a picture of you getting
your black belt. My hope is that when you get that black belt,
that I had helped at least a tiny bit in making that journey
We are a success minded group – and I’m glad to have you on


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