July 17

Heel Hook Escape


What is the most dangerous submission in submission wrestling?
I’ll give you a hint… it is BANNED from most grappling
competitions and from most gyms! We allow it at my
MMA gym in Miami, FL, but most don’t. This submission is dangerous
because there is a thin threshold between pain and possible
permanent damage – so there isn’t much time to tap…

The submission I’m talking about is the HEEL HOOK!

I have an old video I posted on youtube a while back that
I just added to my website that I would like to share with
you… which are TWO Heel Hook Escapes, with the first one
being my most reliable escape… and the second one being
an escape to a back-take setup! Check it out:


Remember, practice heel hooks with EXTREME care… they are
very dangerous and one hard pull can result in someone needing
surgery… and for that reason, ALL grapplers and martial artists
should be extremely familiar with the proper escapes…
just rolling isn’t a technical escape to the heel hook…
watch the video and pay attention to the little black belt
detail that makes “just rolling” actually a technical escape.


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